Altibase v6.5 Chosen by China Mobile, Fujian for its Billing and Order Support System (BOSS)

Altibase, a provider of in-memory database management system, announces that Altibase v6.5 was chosen by China Mobile Fujian over other leading database vendors for its high performance and advanced features.

Altibase Relational DBMS

High performance is a critical requirement for business support systems because BSS systems play a key role in product management, order management, revenue management and customer management for telecommunications providers. China Mobile Fujian recently decided to leverage the in-memory capabilities of Altibase v6.5 to meet these extreme performance requirements.  Altibase’s superior performance, efficiency and stability made it the ideal choice for China Mobile’s BOSS solutions.

China Mobile previously utilized Oracle Exadata for its BOSS solutions.  However, the resulting system was plagued by numerous bottlenecks.  Bottlenecks included limited transaction processing, high scalability costs and data consistency issues.  As a result, China Mobile, Fujian began seeking out a replacement DBMS solution with better performance characteristics, the ability to operate on cost-effective x86 client-server architectures and the ability to support data distribution across multiple businesses.

After a four-month evaluation period consisting of a formal proof of concept (PoC) and intensive benchmark testing (BMT), China Mobile opted to utilize Altibase over other leading DBMS solutions such as Oracle TimesTen.  Not only did Altibase meet all of China Mobile’s stringent requirements on product features, performance and scalability, but Altibase also provided superior consulting and technical support services.  China Mobile was especially impressed by Altibase’s detailed proposals for non-stop service architectures, billing data process integration and data interlocks with Oracle products.  Therefore, China Mobile Fujian felt that Altibase had the highest chance of meeting the needs of their demanding customers.

“The demand for high performance and large data sizes is growing at an enormous pace in the Chinese market.  Altibase has worked tirelessly to satisfy these demands for enterprises across the world with their battle-tested in-memory databases.  China Mobile Fujian’s decision to utilize Altibase is testament to the fact that customers around the world are beginning to recognize the superiority and quality of Altibase’s products.  China Mobile is just the beginning, and we strongly believe that Altibase will soon become the database of choice for all Chinese enterprises looking for stability and extreme performance.” – CEO of Altibase China


In-Memory Database Services for Speed and Storage

Innovative approaches to  in-memory database computing offer enterprise clients improved speed and storage for Big Data applications.  Altibase recently announced that it is working with Intel, to help with the process of capturing and organizing large amounts of memory.  Specifically, Altibase’s HybridDB, which merges an in-memory database and on-disk database into a single, fully ACID compliant, SQL standard compliant DBMS engine, is using the Intel® Xeon® processor E7 v2 family to help support the large amounts of memory it needs to satisfy clients’ insatiable appetite for faster processing and memory.

According to Altibase, “Altibase conducted a test of HDB with the Intel Xeon processor E7 v2 family. The results showed that the in-memory data performance improved in comparison to the previous-generation Intel.”

So what does it all mean for enterprise customers seeking extreme performance, capacity, and scalability?  The collaboration between Altibase and Intel allows higher speed processing, incorporating large volumes of data that is leading to measurable improvements of processing in-memory.  This is one of a number of successful recent collaborations between Altibase and Intel that are accelerating the advancement and deployment of in-memory database technology across businesses of all sizes.

For example, a few months ago, Altibase connected its HyrbidDB with the Intel® Distribution for Apache Hadoop (Intel Distribution) to allow users to execute real-time, high performance database processing from its HybridDB database management system while users were still able to scale and store data indefinitely using the Intel Distribution.

In this most recent announcement, Altibase noted that, “Intel Xeon processor E7 v2 family-based platform, and the in-memory data processing performance of Altibase … improved by 1.94 times compared to the previous-generation Intel Xeon processor E7 family-based platform.”

This improvement is enabling enterprise customers to experience unsurpassed in-memory database performance without sacrificing speed or storage.