A telco with over 250 million subscribers utilizes Altibase to implement real time billing with its prepaid services

A Telco With Over 250 Million Subscribers Utilizes Altibase to Implement Real Time Billing With its Prepaid Services

Altibase Was Chosen Over Oracle TimesTen and SolidDB

NEW YORKJuly 23, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — The telco is the third largest telecommunications provider in China with 250 million subscribers.

Historically, the company suffered from payment defaults and operational deficiencies for its online charging system. Those problems manifested themselves in three core areas.

1. Inability to effectively terminate service. The company was unable to identify and cut customer usage when prepaid balances were exhausted. Essentially, customers who chose to game the system would continue to talk for free until its systems “caught up.” The company’s legacy DBMS could not efficiently detect negative balances. Worse yet, losses shadowed increasing latency. The result was a vast amount of uncollectible receivables.

2. Inability to reinstate timely service.Unfortunately, customers who inadvertently exhausted their balances and subsequently paid their overages suffered as well. Limitations in its legacy DBMS speed prevented swift reactivation of service to these loyal customers. The result was a catastrophic loss of consumer confidence, customer satisfaction and, ultimately, retention.

3. Inability for customers to accurately check remaining balances. Since customers could not accurately check their current balances, they could not preemptively replenish their accounts. The balance information was stale, and loyal customers paid the price with defunct service.

The company tested various database products including Oracle TimesTen, soildDB and Altibase. It chose Altibase in 2010. Since then, the company has adopted Altibase in consideration of performance, reliability and functionality all with the underpinnings of a complete solution.

The results are:

  1. The company has the capacity to precisely check and act on balances.
  2. Its system latency was reduced, which corrected errors that some customers took advantage of.
  3. Outstanding balances, when paid, coincided with swift restoration of service.
  4. Customers can accurately check remaining balances, knowing when to reload funds.
  5. Customer satisfaction, loyalty, attraction and retention are maximized.
  6. Customer attrition is minimized.

After nearly 20 years as an enterprise grade closed source database, Altibase went open source in February this year.

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