Altibase supports data partitioning for easier management of a large dabase object

Does Altibase support data partitioning?

Yes. Data partitioning is the division of a large database object into several small pieces for easier management. Objects can be partitioned in three ways: list, range and hash.

Sep. 5. 2018

Altibase’s Partitioning Technology

These three ways of partitioning can be selectively used according to data size, data type, data usage, data density and other database requirements.

3 Types of Altibase’s Partitioning



  • List partitioning: Each partition is defined and selected based on the membership of the column value in one of lists composed of discrete values.
  • Range partitioning: Each partition contains rows for which the partitioning expression value lies within a given range.
  • Hash partitioning: Used to ensure an even distribution of data


Altibase scales vertically and horizontally. Altibase scales up via auto-extend in-memory tables and scales out via sharding

Does Altibase support vertical and horizontal scaling?

Sep. 4. 2018

Altibase can scale vertically and horizontally without any issues. Altibase can automatically account for the addition of new RAM and faster processors. In doing so, there will be an immediate performance increase. Altibase also can scale out horizontally via sharding. Please refer to the manual “Altibase Sharding Guide” for further information.

Vertical Scaling

Altibase’s products are designed for optimal vertical scalability. A key feature is Altibase’s ability to auto-extend in-memory tables.

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Horizontal Scaling via Sharding 

  • Altibase sharding utilizes both of server-side and client-side sharding architecture.
    • Applications do not need to change anything.
    • Applications only need to know the IP and port of the meta DB of Altibase sharding.
  • Altibase sharding is fast.
    • A shard connection gives execution order of a distributed query directly to a shard node without any intervening middleware.
  • Altibase sharding supports SQL standard.
    • distributed query
    • non-distributed query


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