Altibase 7.1 is an open source version of Altibase database products.

*Note: This package is the Altibase Installation file for the Linux Platform. If you want to install Altibase for other platforms,  you can download it from our Technical Support Center.

*Tools and libraries can be downloaded from our Technical Support Center as well.

  1. Altibase provides its Enterprise Edition which is a freely downloadable open source database. This can be downloaded here on this website.
  2. In addition, Altibase Intelligence Distribution Cluster, sharding, is also included with our open source DBMS.
  3. Clients are required to enter into a subscription agreement with Altibase if they are to be entitled to patches, upgrades, and support.
Altibase Distribution Cluster

Altibase Intelligence Distribution Cluster, or data sharding, is also included with our open-source DBMS for effective and efficient scaling.

Subscription Based Support

Upgrades, patches, and support are offered to all of our subscription-based clients. Click here to learn more or check out Altibase Download’s FAQs

Protect and store data, customize, and scale with Altibase’s DBMS. For Altibase download’s additional tools and libraries, please visit our Technical Support Center.

Altibase – Downloading is Believing.