What is an In-Memory Database?

Since 1999, Altibase has been a pioneer in the in-memory database space and has served over 650 enterprise clients including 9 Fortune Global 500 companies. Altibase has helped them with high performing database technologies that are mandatory for extremely demanding use cases such as billing and authentication for telecom companies with hundreds of millions of subscribers and other applications for finance and manufacturing companies with very high throughput requirements.

An in-memory database or a main memory database (IMDB or MMDB) is a DBMS that solely utilizes main memory (RAM) to store and manipulate data. The purpose of an in-memory database is to provide blazing fast data processing speeds for online transactional processing and online analytical processing (OLTP/OLAP).

When your use case demands hundreds of thousands of transactions per second with response rates measured in microseconds, in-memory databases are the only answer.

Altibase is an in-memory and hybrid DBMS. Altibase was the first company in the world to develop and commercialize a hybrid database in 2005. A hybrid database has both in-memory database features and on-disk database features in a single unified engine. As a result, data can be stored and manipulated in memory alone, on disk alone or a combination of both. The hybrid architecture eliminates the need to purchase an in-memory database and a disk-resident database separately, thus reducing TCO.

Altibase – Downloading is Believing.

In-Memory Relational Database

10 times faster than conventional on-disk databases

Traditional Relational Database

  • ANSI SQL-92 compliant
  • No shortcuts for speed
  • No learning curve for DBAs
  • Simple application integration
  • Easy to find experts

Faster than Cache

  • Entire database resides in memory
  • Engine designed and optimized for memory
  • High throughput
  • Low latency
  • Efficient indexing

Persistent In-Memory Database

Full ACID support

  • Commits/Rollbacks for transactions
  • Multiversion Concurrency Control provides high throughput with consistency and isolation

Durability via transaction logs and checkpoint images

Multiple durability levels to balance between performance and persistence

  • Process level durability (Fastest option)
  • OS level durability (Default option)
  • Enduring HW power failure (Safest option)

Highly Available In-Memory Database

Replication: Built-in Feature

  • Log-based, TCP/IP replication
  • Additional layer of durability
  • Adaptive consistency (Synchronous vs. Asynchronous)
  • Non-stop service architecture (Active-Active vs. Active-Standby)
  • Near standalone replication performance
  • 96% Active-Standby
  • Near linear async scaling
  • Conflict detection and resolution
  • Flexible load balancing strategy

Familiar Programming Interfaces

Robust Driver Set

  • ODBC
  • JDBC
  • .NET & Entity Framework
  • Embedded SQL
  • CLI
  • Perl DBD
  • PHP

Support for Common Communication Protocols

  • TCP/IP (IPv4 and IPv6)
  • Unix Domain Socket
  • IPC

A Rich Set of Tools and Utilities

Productivity and Administration

  • iSQL (Command line SQL Utility)
  • Orange for Altibase(GUI SQL Utility, WareValley )
  • Replication Manager (GUI Replication Utility )
  • altiComp (Command line Comparing database Utility )
  • altiProfile (Command line  Profiling database Utility)
  • altiMon (Command line  Monitoring database Utility)

Interoperability and Migration

  • Migration Center (GUI Migration Utility)
  • aExport (Command line Migration Utility )
  • iLoader (Command line Data Import/Export Utility )
  • oraAdaptor (Data transfer for Oracle Utility)

Open Platform In-Memory & Hybrid Database



Sun Solaris


Microsoft Windows


Real People and Actual Result

By pairing the Intel Distribution for Apache Hadoop with the in-memory technologies provided by Altibase, enterprises are able to achieve high performance data processing within a protected and high performance environment.

Jobi GeorgeDirector of Big Data Software Product & Channels for Intel’s Datacenter Software Division

Thanks to Altibase, we have maintained our dominant position in online financial trading. Altibase solved many of our latency and stability issues with their in-memory database, and we look forward to the future technologies Altibase is developing.

Operating EngineerE*TRADE Financial

Altibase database has been certified through the Dell Technology Partner Program. Altibase has the efficiency of RAM and the capacity of Disk.

ISV, Engineering Team LeadDELL / Global Solutions Labs

Thanks to Altibase, we were able to maximize operational efficiency in our manufacturing process. Using Oracle, we did not have real time quality assurance, but now we do. We were able to reduce operational costs because we could process large volumes of data without extra cost. We have had more than 4 years of uninterrupted operation using Altibase, and believe that the in-memory database technology they possess is the best on the market. We are very pleased with Altibase’s performance, cost effectiveness and reliability.

System Technology SpecialistSamsung Electronic

We recognized the excellence of Altibase’s enterprise DBMS through their market share and referrals from satisfied customers. We are confident that Altibase will continue to serve the customers, not just themselves, and wish them luck in expanding their global market share with their database products.

Senior EngineerChina Unicom (Sandoong)