By pairing the Intel Distribution for Apache Hadoop with the in-memory technologies provided by Altibase, enterprises are able to achieve high performance data processing within a protected and high performance environment.
Jobi George, director of Big Data Software Product & Channels for Intel’s Datacenter Software Division

Thanks to Altibase, we have maintained our dominant position in online financial trading. Altibase solved many of our latency and stability issues with their in-memory database, and we look forward to the future technologies Altibase is developing.
Operating Engineer, E*TRADE Financial

Altibase has been certified through the Dell Technology Partner Program. Altibase has the efficiency of RAM and the capacity of Disk.
ISV, Engineering Team Lead, DELL / Global Solutions Labs

Thanks to Altibase, we were able to maximize operational efficiency in our manufacturing process. Using Oracle, we did not have real time quality assurance, but now we do. We were able to reduce operational costs because we could process large volumes of data without extra cost. We have had more than 4 years of uninterrupted operation using Altibase, and believe that the in-memory database technology they possess is the best on the market. We are very pleased with Altibase’s performance, cost effectiveness and reliability.
System Technology Specialist, Samsung Electronic

Altibase is the perfect database for deploying operational systems in the telecom industry, which require high performance as well as high stability. We appreciate that Altibase holds important patents in data processing, concurrency control, large volume data storage and security. We are now providing the best solutions to customers for processing large volumes of billing and pricing data.
Development specialist, China Mobile (Shenzhen)

We recognized the excellence of Altibase’s enterprise DBMS through their market share and referrals from satisfied customers. We are confident that Altibase will continue to serve the customers, not just themselves, and wish them luck in expanding their global market share with their database products.
Senior Engineer, China Unicom (Sandoong)

We selected Altibase because it can process large volumes of data at high speed. With Altibase, we have developed systems that can process transactions in parallel. We can handle more than 1,000 transactions per second and still provide stable service, even when a large number of transactions occur at once. In addition, Altibase cut our mark-to-market processing time from 1 minute to 1 second, allowing us to systemically reduce the risk associated with changes in currency or leverage.
Development Leader, Internet Initiative Japan Inc.

The precision, sophistication and quality assurance required in manufacturing LCD panels is quite similar to manufacturing semiconductors. LG chose Altibase because it is used and proven by many semiconductor companies. Quality control directly impacts production costs; this is precisely the reason why we chose Altibase for our manufacturing systems. Previously, our system was processing 12 hours old data in batches every 10 minutes. With Altibase, we can process real time data by the minute. Moreover, we were thoroughly pleased with the level of technical support that Altibase provided us with, so we’d like to extend our gratitude to their support teams.
Quality Specialist, LG Display

We chose Altibase in our ePC 4th generation core equipment system because of its stability. When one of our systems fails, the effect causes catastrophic ripples throughout our business. We’ve tested many in-memory databases and found Altibase to be the best. We want to extend our appreciation to Altibase for selecting Ericcson-LG as a strategic partner. Your support was outstanding and helped develop trouble-free ePC packages. We also want to congratulate Altibase for being positioned in the Gartner Magic Quadrant.
Senior Developer, Ericsson LG

One of our in-house DBAs deleted data off an Altibase instance before the database backup policy was in place. Our DBAs thought it would take at least 3-4 months to recover the lost data, so we called Altibase technical support at 1:30AM. The support specialists were able to recover all the lost data in only 3 days. We were very impressed that Altibase’s support team worked day and night to recover data that we erased.
System Engineer, Samsung Mobile Display

We tested different in-memory databases. The struggle was to overcome data processing latency in our manufacturing execution system. We chose Altibase, and the results were outstanding: Altibase lowered our TCO, and we have not experienced any system outages. The results have been so successful that we are in plans to implement Altibase throughout our company.
Senior Developer, POSCO

We were searching for an in-memory database to solve performance issues in our business intelligence (BI) system. We considered Altibase alongside 2 other major vendors. After adopting Altibase, our BI system became 5 times faster, with HA and excellent stability. We compliment the team for making the implementation period pleasant. We are very satisfied with the results and are looking to adopt Altibase for our sister company: Dongwon Group.
Development Officer, Dongwon Food and Beverage

We connected more than 10 global stock exchanges to Altibase and found it faster than anything we’ve ever seen before. We were so impressed that we will be integrating Altibase into our other global branches in the near future.
Product Management Team, SunGard

Altibase’s high performance and features exceeded our expectations. We were able to fully satisfy our clients with astonishing results. The hybrid functionality allowed us to reduce enterprise software operational costs. By processing frequently accessed data in real time and storing infrequently used records on disk, we were able to improve system efficiency.
Director of OpenMCM Competency Center, HP

We chose Altibase for security and its ability to interconnect multiple military programs in real time. We are confident that our national security is stronger than ever because our military can respond to incidents more quickly.
System Engineer, Navy

Altibase brought our fingerprint and palm print database to the 21st century. We had difficulties with our prior database because of latency; Altibase helped us implement the system faster than we had originally anticipated.
Chief Inspector, National Police Agency