SK telecom with over 26 million subscribers utilizes Altibase as a front-end to Oracle for higher performance and lower TCO

A Telco With Over 26 Million Subscribers Utilizes Altibase as a Front End to Oracle for Higher Performance and Lower Database-Related TCO

The telco’s use case epitomizes Altibase’s compatibility with Oracle: Altibase can replace Oracle or can interoperate with Oracle when replacement of all Oracle databases is not feasible.

The cost savings are manifesting greatly as Altibase is now open source.

NEW YORKAug. 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — The telco is the largest mobile service provider in Korea with 26 million subscribers.

Before the telco chose to deploy Altibase, it had been adopting Oracle on a legacy mainframe-based IT infrastructure for its real time rating system. However, it identified the following limitations of its legacy DBMS:

  • Its billing service suffered from major delays as the number of subscribers grew substantially.
  • With growing demands on the legacy system, database-related TCO became progressively onerous.
  • The company was unable to detect and shut off service when prepaid balances were depleted.
  • The inability to accurately detect customer balances resulted in negative balances and uncollectible funds.

The company tested various databases and eventually chose Altibase. Altibase was used as a front-end to Oracle, which was used for hosting historical data with a view to enhancing the performance and lowering database-related TCO. The results are:

  • It has been able to precisely check and act on customer balances.
  • It was enabled to process customer usage on a per-second basis.
  • Revenue losses resulting from undetectable free usage and uncollected negative balances were eliminated.
  • It has the ability to efficiently integrate billing services for subscribers using multiple services.
  • Customers can have access to their balances in real time and without error.
  • It replaced an aging and expensive mainframe-based legacy system with an open UNIX platform, which resulted in lower TCO.
  • Most importantly, it was able to reduce its reliance on Oracle and to achieve higher performance with lower TCO.

Altibase is a hybrid database which can be utilized in a hybrid, in-memory only or on-disk only mode.

Learn more about Altibase at, and download its open source database at

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