Police agency utilizes Altibase’s hybrid DB to cross

Police Agency Utilizes Altibase’s Hybrid Database to Cross-Reference and Apprehend Criminals More Quickly and Accurately


Altibase Corp. 

Jun 25, 2018, 08:45 ET

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NEW YORKJune 25, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Altibase announced that it provides the Korean National Police Agency with its database technologies to meet the specific needs of the agency.

The Korean National Police Agency monitors, investigates and fights crimes for over 51 million citizens.

The agency has needed to enhance its existing finger and palm identification system. The ability to utilize fresh finger and palm prints at the crime scene and couple them with historical data is critical for swift and positive apprehension.

After a series of BMTs of various database vendors, Altibase was chosen.

In choosing Altibase, the agency took the following factors into consideration:

1. Hybrid Architecture. Altibase’s hybrid architecture, combining the power of real time speed with massive storage capacity, proves to be the perfect solution for cross-referencing historical data with live ones.

2. Cost. The agency did not have to purchase disk-resident databases separately to store huge amounts of rarely accessed historical data.

3. In-Memory Capabilities. Altibase’s in-memory features enable the agency to have real time access to all data with complete transparency nationwide.

4. Implementation Costs. Altibase is relational and ACID and SQL compliant, and the agency had no difficulty in migrating data from other legacy DBMSs to Altibase.

5. DBA Costs. The agency did not need to hire new DBAs or retrain existing DBA resources to handle completely different database paradigms such as NoSQL.

6. Built-In Replication. Altibase’s built-in replication provides the agency with non-stop service and unfaltering reliability with strong fail-safe capabilities at no extra cost. Other DBMSs vendors used to charge the agency for replication functionality separately.

Since 2013, the agency has adopted Altibase for various other core systems to further fight crime.

After nearly 20 years as an enterprise grade closed source database, Altibase went open source in February this year.

Learn more about Altibase at https://youtu.be/pooexk0glK8, and download its open source database at https://altibase.com.

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