Altibase’s Hybrid In-Memory Database Implemented in Top 5 Global Messaging Company for Over 1 Billion Messages Per Day

Altibase, the world’s most reliable in-memory database, has been chosen for a top 5 messaging client (company confidential), trusted to manage over 1 billion messages per day.

Many studies such as the one published by Portio Research, are stating that the traditional Standard Messaging Services (SMS or text messages) have peaked in popularity and are being overtaken by what is known as Over-the-Top (OTT) messaging clients. Due to the rise in popularity and global availability of smart phones, Portio Research forecasts in their Mobile Messaging Futures 2013-2017 publication that by 2017 the number of SMS messages sent per month worldwide will drop to 658 billion and OTT messages will jump to 2.67 trillion.

A leading OTT messaging company (who requests anonymity), has chosen Altibase to handle its current high-intensity data load while also allowing the company to prepare for future growth. Altibase’s hybrid database, ALTIBASE HDB, has a unique hybrid architecture that flawlessly synchronizes a client’s in-memory tablespace and on-disk tablespace into a single unified engine. Altibase refers to this as 1+1=1.

This unification creates an environment where real-time data (hot) can be processed at blazing speeds while historical data (cold) can be stored on disk. The flexible architecture allows for seamless movement of hot and cold data, as needed, with the added benefit of complete data integrity. The hybrid architecture allows the company to handle real-time data loads and at the same time store volumes of historical data in one tidy DBMS.

“Altibase’s offering is unique. It has given our company the ability to save time and money while solving some of our biggest data-related issues. Altibase’s HDB has immediately helped our company with our current problems, but we also believe that it will help prepare us for the immense growth that the entire industry is forecasting.” – Senior Solutions Architect, Company Confidential

With over 550 enterprise clients and a huge variety of use cases in sectors spanning from telecommunications to manufacturing, Altibase’s in-memory database management system has been the database of choice for mission-critical applications across the globe since 1999.

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