Altibase, the Pioneer of In-Memory Databases and Above the Standard Procurement Group® Combine 60 Years of Collective Experience in Strategic Partnership

Altibase, the Pioneer of In-Memory Database Management Systems, today announced a strategic partnership with Above the Standard Procurement Group®, Inc. (Above the Standard), a Global Leader in Profit Maximization and Business Growth Services.


Altibase is the most trusted in-memory database management system in the world, providing real-time solutions to enterprises worldwide. As the go-to source for mission critical applications, Altibase touts the revolutionary technology that couples the speed of an In-Memory database with the storage capabilities of an on-disk database in a single unified engine. This hybrid architecture flawlessly marries speed, stability, and flexibility.  Altibase ats

Further, Altibase has lowered the TCO (total cost of ownership) for countless organizations around the world with a simple all-inclusive pricing model. Altibase’s combination of cutting-edge technology and lower costs falls directly in line with Above the Standard’s business model.

“We are very excited about this global partnership with Altibase. Altibase has provided incredible value and industry-leading technologies for thousands of clients and will undoubtedly continue to do so for future clients in all verticals worldwide. Together we will fulfill our mission of serving the client with the best value and customized solutions that support, develop, and optimize each organization’s core competencies.”

CEO of  Above the Standard Procurement Group

Above the Standard Procurement Group®, Inc. is known as a global leader in profit maximization and business growth services, which include cost reduction, procurement, and financial services. Their 30-year track record has increased profits for organizations in the tens of billions of dollars all over the world. Since Altibase provides exceptional monetary value while delivering superior technology, Above the Standard’s decision to ink this partnership was clear.

Altibase’s hybrid architecture inherently allows organizations to utilize their current hardware more efficiently, leading to further cost savings. Certain use-cases of Altibase even state that the required hardware in their infrastructures was decreased by over 80%.

“As we continue to expand our global business with a strong focus on the US and EMEA, we quickly identified Above the Standard’s ability to enhance our growth initiatives. Our strategic alliances have historically bolstered the process and we are certain that Above the Standard will accelerate our global expansion. “

  • – CEO of Altibase

Altibase’s “List Price” licensing costs are significantly lower than the list price of the leading competitors. Altibase’s pricing advantage does not stop there; the top database companies possess extremely complex pricing models and charge for virtually every additional software feature (HA, replication, spatial, analytics, etc.) while Altibase includes it all in one tidy package. This simplifies the decision-making process and translates into enormous savings in human capital companywide.


About Altibase
Altibase is the World’s Most Trusted In-Memory Database and for over 20 years has been providing real-time solutions to enterprises worldwide. Altibase is the go-to source for mission-critical applications, pioneering revolutionary technology that couples the speed of an In-Memory database with the storage capacity of an on-disk database in a single unified engine. Coupled with industry-leading, 24×7 support, enterprises across the globe trust Altibase with their mission-critical applications day-in and day-out.


About Above the Standard

Above the Standard Procurement Group®, Inc. increases profits for organizations around the globe through procurement, financial, and business growth services.  Our proven 30+ year track record has increased profits in the tens of billions of dollars for organizations all over the globe.  Above the Standard can be viewed at

Above the Standard’s proven track record has helped small to large organizations in most industries increase profits at an average of 28.2% increase, 98% of the time for our engaged clients in all procurement cost reduction and finance cases!

The core services provided by Above the Standard include, but are not limited to: cost reduction, procurement outsourcing, cost analysis, market research, supply chain management, finance, procurement training, direct and indirect procurement, strategic sourcing, category management, supplier relationship management, procurement transformation, and other services.

Above the Standard is located throughout the globe with its headquarters in Washington, D.C., U.S.A.  Founded by Mr. Ted Landgraf, they have more than three decades of delivered results.  For more information, contact Above the Standard at (888) 443-4648 or email us in

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