Altibase is Adopted by CoreDAX, a Cryptocurrency Exchange

Altibase is Adopted by CoreDAX, a Cryptocurrency Exchange, for Management of Key IT Functions of Matching, Data Distribution and Ledgers


Altibase Corp. 

Jan 07, 2019, 08:38 ET

CoreDAX currently trades 17 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and Etherium.

CoreDAX wanted to gain its competitive advantages over existing cryptocurrency exchanges by providing high performance and reliable services. Its legacy disk-resident databases, however, were far from satisfying the requirements.

  • Its system should not tolerate any downtime. Thus, the new database should provide an extremely high level of product maturity and stability.
  • The new database should provide robust disaster recovery and high availability features.
  • The new database should be able to process millions of transactions per second and response times measured in microseconds.
  • It should also be able to process transactions for over 300,000 concurrent logons.

For CoreDAX, Altibase was a textbook database. Altibase’s in-memory capabilities met CoreDAX’s requirements for high performance, product reliability competitive pricing. In addition, Altibase’s quality reference customer list was a critical factor for the choice – over 600 global enterprise clients including 8 Fortune Global 500 companies.

Net results were:

  • CoreDAX currently processes over 2 million transactions per second in matching engine and over 100,000 orders per second with latency in under 100 microseconds.
  • It can handle over 300,000 concurrent logons.
  • By applying Altibase’s encryption algorithm to protect data, CoreDAX secures a high level of security required of financial institutions.
  • CoreDAX is enabled to provide its “Cool Wallet” which allows coin transmission only when time control technology and authentication value are confirmed.
  • CoreDAX has lowered its TCO as Altibase reduces hardware costs as it in-memory capabilities allow for better performance on equivalent servers and hardware than disk-resident databases.

After nearly 20 years as a closed-source database, Altibase is now open source, and that includes its cutting-edge scale-out technology, sharding.

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