Altibase’s In-Memory Hybrid Database Proven Over 750 Percent Faster Than the Leading Database Vendor in Benchmark Comparison Test

Altibase’s hybrid database combines an on-disk database with an in-memory database in a single engine. In a recent benchmark test for a Fortune Global 500 conglomerate, Altibase’s hybrid database was able to complete a test with 2 billion rows of data, totaling 8 billion rows processed (both reads and writes) in roughly 20 hours, while the competitor required 106 hours. 

altibase in memory database vs oracle 11gR2-4

The business ramifications of these results are staggering as this 86 hour savings can result in hundreds of millions of dollars for the company.

The benchmark test utilized Altibase’s hybrid database, offering flexibility by combining RAM and physical disk. The flexibility of this hybrid engine enhances speed while also delivering the storage capacity of physical disk. Altibase’s hybrid is world-renowned for its wide use-case applicability.

“I am extremely happy that Altibase has again performed well. However, far beyond performance alone, I am especially proud that Altibase’s decades of experience is helping organizations fortify their businesses with the reliability and stability of our advanced data management systems. The hybrid database is ideal for virtually all use cases that need a blend of speed and storage capacity, while our in-memory only database is breathtakingly fast for extremely high-intensity data processing use-cases that require millions of transactions per second.” – CEO of Altibase

In-memory databases are now beginning to make a tremendous impact on business.  Early adopters will cement a competitive edge that is difficult to refute. An in-memory database management system stores and manipulates data entirely in RAM.

ALTIBASE XDB (eXtreme database) is Altibase’s pure in-memory database that processes and manages data in RAM alone. By design, and with more advanced features, it performs 10-20 times faster than Altibase’s hybrid database. ALTIBASE XDB can also interoperate with ALTIBASE HDB to provide enterprises with the ability to process hot, warm and cold data easily and as needed. The combination tackles any data management needs head-on.

Altibase drives performance and revenue growth for the likes of E*TRADE, Samsung, HP, China Telecom and China Unicom and maximizes their efficacy in areas like network utilization/service reliability, integrated billing/authentication, fraud detection/prevention and infrastructure monitoring/security. ALTIBASE HDB database management is the single solution for a chronic problem.

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[1] Altibase performed at an average rate of 113,416.95 TPS, while the other vendor processed an average rate of 21,962.6 TPS.  The overall average, that encompasses reads and writes, clocked Altibase at an average of 535 times faster while for updates, Altibase preformed over 750 times faster for 2 billion rows of data with 8 billion rows processed (Insert, Update, Delete, Select).

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