Altibase has open-sourced its scale-out technology, sharding

Altibase Has Open-Sourced Its Scale-Out Technology, Sharding

The sharding is now included in its open source database.

“Our sharding is a major technological breakthrough given its unique design, adoptability and cost effectiveness,” says Altibase chairman, Paul Nahm.

“Relational databases are known to lack horizontal scalability when compared to NoSQL. But Altibase is now one of only a very small subset of relational database vendors that are highly scalable by providing sharding.”

“As the data size enterprises handle is growing exponentially and there is a grave concern over IT expenditures, the ability of effectively scale should be a key variable in the choice of database in this age of big data and cloud computing,” adds Paul Nahm.

In sharding technologies, coordinators are needed to manage and administrate nodes between servers. But the coordinators themselves are often a bottleneck and the performance deteriorates as a result.

Altibase resolves the problem as its sharding is designed to super-minimize the use of coordinators and thus can accelerate performance. As a result, the users can add as many servers as necessary without experiencing coordinator-related performance degradation.

“In addition, we expect that our sharding should appeal to those clients who want to scale out their systems at a fraction of cost of another option, scale-up, which requires to purchase very expensive, high-end servers in dealing with big data,” says Paul Nahm.

“The best way to evaluate database vendors regarding their sharding is to see who is adopting it,” adds Paul Nahm. Altibase’s sharding was adopted by China Mobile in 2018 and is now under review by many other major telcos.

Altibase is a mature, battle-tested open source database. For nearly 20 years, Altibase has served over 600 enterprise clients, including 8 Fortune Global 500 companies, in more than 6000 deployments.

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