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Altibase Delivers Next DBMS Version and Updated Migration Tools

ALTIBASE HDB Version 6.5 and Migration Center 6.1.1

Altibase is making an often difficult choice to replace incumbent databases, a far easier one for global enterprises. Its latest database release and feature set is loaded with improvements to make customers’ decisions to switch from their legacy databases a virtual no-brainer. The latest versions answer growing global demand for enhanced OEM software compatibility, migration ease, higher performance and significantly greater stability.

In recent months, Altibase’s previous version was pit against the leading DBMS vendor in numerous PoCs and won. The PoCs were conducted at customer sites in the US, China and Europe in the customers own application environments. These worldwide leaders are in telecommunications, finance and both private and public sector security.

Although Altibase is already well-known for its relative ease of migration and universal application compatibility, customers have still voiced sentiment for it to create an even easier DBMS solution that would make the porting process better. Migration Center 6.1.1 does exactly that. It is designed to make the migration process easier and with far less client–side customization. The latest version mitigates a litany of issues that can arise from migration challenges. For example, it helps enterprises port from a massive amount of proprietary procedural extensions.

Altibase is the easiest replacement for Oracle that I have ever seen.” — Director, R&D, Top 5 Telecommunications ISV

The end-goal for Altibase is to make Altibase’s product a “no-touch needed” DBMS replacement for the leading incumbent. To that end, Altibase heeded the advice of its clientele and with the help of many of them, developed the new release.

Altibase began commercially 16 years ago, as an in-memory DBMS that simply rode on top of legacy, disk-resident databases for a high-speed injection to aid the most demanding applications on the performance side. Interoperability with those databases was critical to Altibase’s early success as it was purely designed at that time to have a symbiotic relationship with the on-disk DBMSs.

As such, Altibase was designed from the ground-up as a relational, SQL compliant in-memory DBMS that ran on almost any type of hardware and OS while supporting all of the most common connectors. Unlike other vendors who are now adding in-memory to their disk DBMSs, Altibase added the disk DBMS to the IMDBMS.

 “Altibase has always been a bit contrarian and I suppose that they now call that innovative or transformative. In the end, we are here to make our customers’ lives easier by being flexible, simpler, and all while drastically lowering TCO. All of that comes with the added benefit of having a new DBMS that’s wicked fast, persistent, while fitting nicely in all stacks, spanning Big Data, data center consolidation, Cloud, PaaS and web-scale to name a few. We have and will remain true to our devotion to development and you can certainly look forward to seeing more frequent releases. We are pushing our R&D even harder with the single-minded goal to absolutely cement Altibase as the only logical vendor to be able to replace the current leader for years to come.” – CEO of Altibase

ALTIBASE HDB v6.5 recently displayed dramatic performance gains from its previous version in a TPC-H test. Intel, a global partner of Altibase, facilitated the benchmarking by creating replicate environments driven by its own Intel Xeon E7 processor. Complex queries showed a remarkable increase in parallel executions. The performance increases compared with the previous version ranged from 150% to 220%.

The new release has also added a feature called ALTIBASE Heartbeat (aheartbeat). HDB v6.5 automatically restarts when an abnormal occurrence arises. This feature adds an extra layer of confidence to its industry-leading high availability.

As the leader of In-Memory database since 1999, Altibase differentiates itself from other competitors by providing the best solutions to meet customer’s demands and help their companies to grow.

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