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What is Altibase’s migration process?

Altibase’s migration methodology is backed by over 20 years of experience and offers precise data migration through its rigorous system analysis, application risk analysis and industry-leading quality assurance. Altibase provides a free migration utility called Migration Center to help simplify and streamline the migration process for concerned customers. Unless the use case is extremely complex, […]


Do clients choose Altibase over Oracle, IBM, Microsoft and others?

Yes. Clients have consistently chosen Altibase over Oracle, IBM, Microsoft and others. Altibas has replaced many traditional on-disk databases in various industries that require real time solutions since 1999. Altibase now has over 650 global enterprise clients including 9 Fortune Global 500 companies with thousands of mission critical deployments worldwide. Why Do Clients Choose Altibase […]


How does Altibase migrate data from legacy systems?

Altibase offers an automation tool: Migration Center. It migrates various kinds of data objects from sources to target databases and ensures 100% data integrity and consistency. Migration Center Migration Center is a database migration tool that copies compatible database objects and data from other databases to Altibase. Manual tasks of database migration are complicated, time-consuming […]


Does Altibase guarantee data consistency after migration?

Yes. Altibase guarantees data consistency with proven methodology and extensive battle-tested experiences. Altibase’s Migration Center executes a validity check to ensure that the data in the source database and the data that were migrated to the target database are identical. In addition, if there are any inconsistencies, Migration Center will generate a report so that […]


What changes should I expect in my applications after migration?

Negligible. It is simple to update applications for use with Altibase because Altibase provides standard database interfaces that use common syntax as defined in SQL:1999. Upon completion, you will experience extreme performance, flexibility, data integrity, low latency and high throughput. An Example of Successful Migration   Project Name DBMS upgrade for payment gateway system Requirements Database […]


How long does the migration process take?

The migration process takes approximately one day per TB of data. If your system can handle concurrent processing, approximately 4TB of data can be migrated per day. If you have a significant amount of data (petabytes), parallelization can be utilized to expedite the migration.   Migration Process   Phase Activities Duration System Analysis Analysis of […]