What is Altibase’s migration process?

Altibase’s migration methodology is backed by over 20 years of experience and offers precise data migration through its rigorous system analysis, application risk analysis and industry-leading quality assurance. Altibase provides a free migration utility called Migration Center to help simplify and streamline the migration process for concerned customers. Unless the use case is extremely complex, migration can be completed in just the span of a few weeks. For very simple use cases, it can take just a few days. Click ‘Read More’ to see a detailed overview of the migration process.

Migration Process




Phase 1

System Analysis

  • Analysis of requirement scope
  • Analysis of environment (OS, HW, SW, etc.)
  • Analysis of databases: data size, data type, tablespace count, table count, etc.

System analysis specification

Phase 2

Impact Analysis

  • Risk assessment for management
  • Analysis for application and DBMSs by table usage and related metrics
  • Analysis of application, SQL ,etc.

Effect analysis report

Phase 3


  • Scheduling
  • Planning human resources

Schedule sheet

Phase 4

Data Migration

  • Migration via Migration Center tool

Phase 5


  • System optimization

Migration reports


Quality of Migration Services

  • Backed by over 20 years of experience
  • Automated tools to ensure accuracy in data migration
  • Rigorous customer reviews during analysis phases to avoid error and data duplication
  • Constant interaction with Altibase consultants