Transportation Card System (AFC) – Seoul Metro

Seoul Metro adopts Altibase for its transportation card system

Use Case: Transportation Card System

Current Customers: Seoul Metro

Industry: Public


Seoul Metro operates Seoul subway 1 – 8 lines (273 stations, 313.7km).


Seoul Metro’s card system operates and controls networks that involve the collection and transmission of subway traffic information and data between each station and its headquarters. Seoul Metro has recently completed the system with Altibase as its core database.

The system required a database capable of handling a vast amount of traffic data with stability and high performance as the legacy database proved to be outdated and inefficient. Altibase’s scalability and ability to interoperate with other core systems was another important consideration for the deployment.


Seoul Metro tested various databases, and Altibase has been chosen with the highest BMT scores.

  • In order to prevent any minutes of downtime, Altibase allows for an active/active configuration to enable the DB server to operate without interruption when a system failure occurs.
  • Altibase provides a dynamic partitioning (Range, List, Hash) and indexing features to stably manage a large amount of data collected from various stations.
  • Altibase allows for parallel execution and processing function, stable query, and processing function for large data.
  • Altibase provides online backup and disaster recovery functions.


  • Data collected from various stations could be safely stored and quickly processed in a central computer system (host computer).
  • A large amount of traffic information collected from each station can be accurately counted and analyzed in real-time (i.e the prevention of the use of stolen/lost cards).
  • Altibase’s active-active replication function allows for stable and interruption-free operation through data duplication in any system failure/outage event.
  • Deployment of Altibase is easy and efficient as Seoul Metro’s systems are already built on relational databases, mostly Oracle’s so that there is no need for Seoul Metro to retrain its existing DBAs who are familiar with SQL standard languages, interfaces and drivers.
  • Strengthen the security function – Risks such as the leakage of personal information can be prevented in advance
  • Seoul Metro has been satisfied and enabled to reduce its database-related TCO with Altibase significantly.