Smart City Project – A Small City in South Korea

The city has adopted Altibase since 2012 because it was the only option to accommodate and process extremely high volumes of data in real time.

Use Case: U-City

Current Customers: Paju City

Industry: Public


The Korean government embarked on smart city projects in 2009. Sensors installed throughout a city are used to monitor and react on data regarding traffic, crime, natural disasters and weather. Paju City with the population of 400,000 decided to pioneer the project. The project is called U-City, or ubiquitous city.


The city, located in Gyunggi Province, needed databases to monitor and analyze data from sensors in real time.

  • Data collected from sensors would inevitably increase geometrically as the city planned to install more.
  • In addition, the city was experiencing an influx of new residents from other areas. This meant more data to be collected and analyzed.
  • The city knew any additional functions in the U-City project would place enormous burden on its IT infrastructure, particularly its databases.
  • Real time data is vital for the city to act on natural disasters and crime.
  • Its budget limited the amount of investment/expenditure allowed for IT solutions.


The city has adopted Altibase in hybrid mode since 2012. Other on-disk databases dropped out after benchmark testing: they simply could not handle the required performance with vast volumes of data. Altibase was 4 times faster than its closest contender in TPC-C benchmark test.


  • Altibase met the city’s database requirements. Its proven hybrid database technology enabled the city to handle data from sensors without issues.
  • According to the city, TCO would have gone up between 5.5 and 6.3 times, had the city adopted other database vendors.
  • Competitive maintenance price was also an important factor in the city’s decision to adopt Altibase. As data collected from sensors would grow geometrically in the future, the city wanted to avoid extra financial burden in the form of license and maintenance fees.
  • More smart cities are planning to use Altibase as it has proven to be the most viable option to process sensor-related data.

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