Online Trading System – Kyobo Securities

Kyobo Securities switched to Altibase from Oracle as its legacy databases lacked constant availability and had inadequate fault-tolerance.

Use Case: Online Trading System

Current Customers: E*TRADE and Kyobo Securities

Industry: Finance


Kyobo Securities is a leading brokerage firm in Korea.


Kyobo from time to time experienced system crashes, leading to grave financial data loss. Its legacy system using Oracle databases was undependable with regard to speed, stability and reliability.

  • Kyobo’s retail trading system was unsteady, lacked constant availability and had inadequate fault-tolerance.
  • Kyobo was plagued with inability to search and update data in real time. Data was not effectively organized or stored, leading to unneeded redundancy.
  • Kyobo’s fixed income department required real time qualitative and quantitative information, but its legacy DBMSs could not provide it.
  • The legacy system had high TCO, and maintaining the system stood in direct contrast to its effectiveness.


Kyobo Securities integrated Altibase in in-memory mode into its systems in 2007. In 2009 and 2012, Kyobo subsequently adopted Altibase into its other new trading systems. Kyobo Securities have adopted Altibase for its other mission critical applications to utilize Altibase’s in-memory feature for high throughput.


  • Kyobo now has a trading system which provides constant availability and adequate fault-tolerance.
  • Kyobo now has real time access to data it needs and has the ability to react to and act on real time events for itself and its clients.
  • Kyobo now has a trading system that is reliable and free of system failure thanks to Altibase’s 24/7 technical support.

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