Online Trading System – E*TRADE

E*TRADE switched from Oracle to Altibase to utilize Altibase’s in-memory queue object.

Use Case: Online Trading System

Current Customers: E*TRADE and Kyobo Securities

Industry: Finance


E* TRADE is a top securities company that specializes in online trading.[1]


E*TRADE wanted to expand its online platform to accommodate offline trading and decided to build its own in-house IT infrastructure for the expanded platform. However, it had outsourced its IT solutions/operations and had reached a crossroad when deciding how to proceed:

  • E*TRADE could not process its trading properly with its legacy Oracle whose performance was inadequate.
  • Its first-in/first-out (FIFO) order processing was slow with Oracle. For many traders/investors, the FIFO order processing speed is an important deciding factor in their choice of securities companies. What they usually do is to place orders through many different securities companies on a trial basis and choose the company that is able to execute their order first.
  • Its in-house solutions needed a high performance database.


E*TRADE has deployed Altibase in in-memory mode since 2012.


Altibase resolved the problem of slow order processing even when the number of concurrent users exceeded 400,000, which was more than enough for E*TRADE.

Altibase’s in-memory queue object has made it possible for E*TRADE to process FIFO orders without sacrificing speed.

The efficiency of E*TRADE’s in house solutions for trading systems has been enhanced through Altibase.[2]

Thanks to Altibase, E*TRADE’s expansion to offline trading has became a great success.


[1] For E*TRADE Korea
[2] Altibase met E*TRADE performance requirements. The entire processes associated with a transaction order must take place inside of 30 milliseconds. Utilizing in-memory queue object, a built-in feature in Altibase, enabled E*TRADE to process 300% faster than before.

Altibase – Downloading is Believing.