A Multinational Professional Services Firm

The company uses Altibase for its real time needs and seamless integration.

Use Case: Risk Management

Industry: Others


The company is a leading professional services firm that specializes in financial audit, consulting, insurance and risk management.


The company faced tremendous problems in delivering timely risk management services. It could not cope with the increasing loads of real time events. These problems caused client attrition and threats to the bottom line.

  • The company could not process real time data with its Oracle disk-resident database.
  • The company’s on-disk database suffered from high latency and low throughput for both its Dynamic Financial Analysis (DFA) as well as its traditional actuarial analyses.
  • Statistical analysis of real time data was not possible, and simulations performance proved poor.
  • The company suffered from poor reaction to changes, as well as marked deterioration in the efficacy of critical business decisions.
  • The company needed a database that would provide high performance and rich functions.


The company adopted Altibase whose proven hybrid technology satisfied the company’s real time needs with seamless integration in 2013. Altibase has helped the company to find a solution that allows for timely financial risk management for its DFA simulations and actuarial work.


  • The company has increased customer satisfaction levels by improving services and having the ability to introduce more robust product offerings.
  • The company provides its customers with a dependable, cutting-edge service that is cost competitive.
  • The company’s infrastructure is nimble and can react to and act on real time changes in statistical data.
  • The company’s risk profile is healthy and further supported by an infrastructure that can better avoid disruptive events.

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