MRI/CT – A Global Medical Equipment Manufacturer

After months of rigorous testing among ten DBMS leaders, the company chose Altibase which was able to solve all of its needs in a single hybrid engine.

Use Case: Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) system

Current Customers: A top Japanese medical equipment manufacturer

Industry: Manufacturing


The company is a global leader in medical equipment manufacturing headquartered in Japan.


The company needed a solution to maintain its competitive advantage in the field of medical imaging equipment. Increases in data loads, coupled with the added pressure of skillful planning of equipment upgrades, required a feature-rich DBMS solution.

  • With older equipment meeting obsolescence every 10 years, the respective problem was ongoing, and planning became increasingly difficult.
  • Advances in medical equipment of other competing industry giants meant stiffer competition. The company had to produce better equipment with lower TCO.
  • Dynamic changes in overall health, such as rapidly rising obesity rates, diabetes and certain cancers, necessitated a more resourceful system. The company needed to identify and adapt in real time. The only choice was to find a DBMS with a depth of features that could effectively process image data for MRI/CT/Ultrasound.
  • The company’s additional prerequisite was to locate a relational on-disk DBMS that would allow seamless access to historical data with the ability to store a plethora of information.


After four months of rigorous testing among ten DBMS leaders, the company chose Altibase in 2011 and has been adopting Altibase with its hybrid architecture (in-memory and on-disk in a single unified engine), solving all of its needs in a single database.


  • Altibase allowed the company to benefit from innovative and cutting-edge software, enhancing planning strategies and dominance.
  • The company was able to leverage Altibase’s copious features to forge new product breakthroughs in major imaging modality markets.
  • The company received the coveted “Competitive Strategy Leadership of the Year” award from a renowned global market research firm.
  • With lower TCO and new advances, the company preserves strong growth and increasing market share.
  • The company’s new equipment, endowed with a gain of over 200% increases in processing speed, further supports its growth curve.
  • The company has benefited from and affirmed the benefits of Altibase by planning the expansion of its use across all product lines.

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