A Leading Global Professional Services Firm

Altibase as a cloud database is the only database with the requisite features that could fulfill the company’s needs.

Use Case: Cloud

Industry: Others


The company is one of the largest professional services firms in the world that specializes in financial advisory, consulting, tax and risk-mitigation.


The company sought a solution that would help solve problems related to its numerous fragmented databases. The company wanted a cloud-enabled service for its various services that allowed for data federation in real time.

  • The company had adopted various databases that were patched in over time, resulting in deterioration of its ability to provide high performance and reliability.
  • The company vetted multiple disk-resident databases in the cloud. Very few provided functions to federate data. Worse yet, they universally could not meet the performance demands of the company’s growing data load.
  • Additional requirements included 99.999% HA, real time ACID compliance and replication.


Altibase was the only database with the requisite features that fulfilled the company’s needs when adopted in 2013. The company has been able to leverage Altibase’s product maturity, years of database experience and proven use cases in the most discerning and varied enterprise environments.


  • The company possesses a future-proof data federation solution through Altibase as a cloud database.
  • The company has been enabled to eliminate complaints that stemmed from latency caused by its outdated infrastructure.
  • Altibase provides a unified solution, combining extreme performance, HA, replication and fail-over in the cloud.
  • The company can now guarantee 100% uptime for all of its mission critical applications.
  • Altibase as a cloud database enables the company to achieve significantly lower TCO by leveraging the intrinsic cost savings via the cloud, as well as Altibase’s hybrid architecture.
  • The company’s implementation is painless because Altibase supported all standard programming interfaces while being SQL standards compliant, making DBAs’ lives simple.
  • The company sits now with a cutting-edge, unified database solution in the cloud that eliminates any need to revamp its systems in the future.





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