Inventory Management System – A Leading Electronic Appliance Retailer

Altibase helps a leading electronics appliance retailer to accurately gauge inventory needs to optimize and economize on inventory -related spend.

Use Case: Inventory Management

Industry: Others


The retailer is among leading electronic appliance retailers in the world with a substantial e-commerce presence.


The retailer did not have adequate inventory forecasting abilities due to latency with its legacy Oracle databases. Specifically, on peak high-demand days, an onslaught of customers went to purchase the latest tablets with cash in hand, only to find nothing available. The retailer suffered from systemic failure to reconcile what consumers want and when. The retailer could not provide the merchandise to its customers at the time they were ready to purchase.

  • The retailer was unable to process historical and dynamic sales data to forecast accurate stock requirements in real time. As a result, forecasting was relegated to reactive processing, not proactive planning.
  • Reliance on outdated data caused a simple but costly problem: customers wanted to buy the products, but they were out of stock.
  • To make matters worse, the “Showroom Phenomenon” further complicated the forecasting process: although the retailer input consumer observation into its database, the inventory management system was unable to provide actionable predictive modeling as the legacy database was too slow.
  • The retailer could not reconcile historical and real time data to predict consumer demand. The retailer found its inventory control in a tenuous position.


Altibase in hybrid mode helped the company to accurately gauge inventory needs, which had not been possible with Oracle databases. Altibase could process large volumes of data and channel that information to accurately predict current and future needs in real time.


  • The retailer eliminated low demand products and related “costs to carry” while increasing the supply of high-demand products in real time.
  • Altibase helped the retailer to deploy capital where needed while saving money by eliminating non-demand products that waste valuable shelf space.
  • The retailer runs its stores with optimal inventory levels, drastically reducing overstock: the retailer’s pervasive enemy.

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