Intelligence Transportation System – Guri- Pocheon Expressway

Seoul Northern Highway Corporation chose Altibase over Oracle for its intelligent transport system for Guri-Pocheon Expressway.

Use Case: Intelligence Transportation System (ITS)

Current Customers: Seoul Northern Highway Corporation

Industry: Public


Seoul Northern Highway Corporation is responsible for the operation and management of Guri-Pocheon Expressway, an expressway between Guri and Pocheon which are located in the northern part of Seoul.


The corporation considered Oracle as its main database when it built the expressway in 2017. However, it found Oracle too expensive to justify its functions and features. In addition, the corporation was in need of a database which could process data in real time and store historical data in an efficient and cost-effective way.


The corporation was determined that Oracle’s cost was too high and that it required the purchase of another license (Oracle TimesTen) in order to store and process data in real time. Consequently, Oracle was ruled out of POCs from the beginning and was not invited for BMTs. And the corporation chose Altibase.

  • Altibase’s hybrid architecture enabled the corporation to store and process frequently used (hot) data in memory tables and less frequently used (cold) data in disk tables. The hybrid architecture thus eliminated the need to purchase an in-memory database and a disk-resident database separately.
  • Altibase’s 20 years’ track record in the in-memory database space provided product stability and guaranteed support availability.
  • Altibase’s in-memory capabilities allowed for extremely high throughput and low latency, which is essential for real time traffic information and billing. The burden on its database is now lighter as it stores only hot data in memory.
  • Any data related to ticket issuance and usage is automatically stored in disk tables for later uses such as tracking delinquent drivers and revenue analysis.


  • The new system provides drivers with real time traffic information so that they are fully informed and updated on road conditions in real time.
  • Its system resource usage has diminished by over 80% owing to Altibase’s hybrid feature.
  • There has been no need to retrain its existing DBAs in order to adopt Altibase as they are already familiar with relational feature sets of Oracle.
  • Overall, the corporation has reduced its database-related TCO by over 50%.