Home Trading System – A Large Securities Company in Korea

The company switched from IBM to Altibase for a real time, tick-by-tick and integrated online home trading system while reducing its servers from 60 to 4.

Use Case: Home Trading System (HTS)

Current Customers: Kyobo Securities, Eugene Investment & Securities, SK Securities, and Hyundai Securities

Industry: Finance


The company is a distinguished global securities company that is built on cutting-edge research and optimal financial solutions for investors trading at home and abroad.


The company suffered from inability to service the growing number of investors trading online. Its legacy system was undependable with regard to speed, stability and reliability.

Due to the sharp increase in data, the legacy C-ISAM system began to degrade in quality.

The company fell short of its ability to deliver real time market price analysis which required real time qualitative and quantitative information.

The TCO of operating and maintaining the legacy C-ISAM system stood in direct contrast with its effectiveness.

The system did not meet needs and suffered from subpar technical support and drained budgets.


The company has integrated Altibase in in-memory mode into its home trading system since 2003. By choosing Altibase, the company has benefited from higher performance, real time support and superior reliability.


  • The company is able to assist investors with better time-to-market services with its IT system while handling large trading volumes.
  • The company can mark-to-market 10 times faster than before by shortening each instance to 1 second.
  • The company’s TCO is much lower with Altibase, easing budgetary pressure and providing uninterrupted service with precise execution while receiving unsurpassed technical support from Altibase.
  • System resource usage is down by 50%
  • The number of active servers was reduced from 60 to 4 right after the adoption of Altibase.

Altibase – Downloading is Believing.