FX Margin Trading System – A Top Japanese Investment & Securities Firm

Altibase helped the company launch a cutting-edge FX margin trading service, enhancing profitability and scale.

Use Case: FX Margin Trading System

Current Customers: A top Japanese investment & securities firm

Industry: Finance


The company is a top Japanese investment & securities firm that is built on cutting-edge research, trading and optimal financial solutions for retail and institutional clients.


In late 2010, the company found itself behind its competition with regard to its FX margin trading. Developing a native in-house service was not feasible as the company needed a reliable high performance answer that could be deployed rapidly and without issue.

  • The company was ill-prepared to provide an effective FX margin trading service. FX margin trading offered huge revenue expansion opportunities, and its explosive growth necessitated swift actions.
  • The company needed to maximize its competitive advantage by implementing a high speed, multi-channel service that could seamlessly process scaling transaction loads.
  • The company required non-stop service and unfettered reliability that was supported by a resilient back-end database.


The company adopted the IIJ Raptor Service[1] embedding Altibase and successfully opened its FX margin trading system in early 2011. The company benefits from Altibase’s hybrid architecture and synchronous replication feature that assures uninterrupted 24/7 service coupled with its intrinsic extreme performance.


  • The company was able to launch the world’s most advanced FX margin trading service. In January, 2011, the company integrated Altibase, without delay, less than two months after the decision to deploy it.
  • The company was fortified with customized solutions avoiding high cost and lengthy development times.
  • Altibase has allowed the company to capitalize on FX margin trading to leverage its competitiveness and to address increased industry regulations of financial services agency.
  • The company can process more than 1,000 FX TPS. It handles web, mobile devices and rich client applications with an optimized order processing solution.
  • Altibase’s hybrid architecture allows the company to systematically lower FX risk. It can now mark-to-market on a per second basis (mark-to-market takes only 1 second).
  • The company is now equipped with exceptional flexibility and scalability and now benefits from significant new client acquisition and enhanced revenue growth.

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[1] IIJ Raptor Service is a cloud based FX margin trading service provided by IIJ, one of the top system integrators in Japan.

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