Futures/Options Trading System – Samsung Securities

Samsung Securities switched to Altibase from Sybase because of Altibase’s 5 nines HA and 27 times performance boost, leading to a significant gain in market share.

Use Case: Futures/Options Trading system

Current Customers: Samsung Securities and KDB Daewoo securities

Industry: Finance


Samsung Securities is one of the largest investment bank/securities companies in South Korea.


 Samsung Securities suffered from inadequate DBMS performance and reliability.

  • Samsung Securities was losing revenues from key institutional investors.
  • Its clients were complaining about lost transactions and lost profits.
  • Samsung Securities consequently had difficulties in acquiring new clients.
  • The root cause was Sybase’s insufficient transaction speed which was run for its futures/options trading system.
  • Samsung Securities was not able to keep up with the increasing trading volumes in the futures/options market.[1]


Since 2006, Samsung Securities has utilized Altibase. The decision to switch to Altibase in in-memory mode was made as the company quickly realized that using a traditional on-disk DBMS had many limitations for its operations. Replacing Sybase with Altibase instantly solved Samsung Securities’ problems. Its trading system became highly available with the benefits of high performance. Because Altibase is standards compliant, it took only 2 months for 4 engineers to develop and deploy the new system.

Samsung Securities is currently an avid user of Altibase for other trading systems. Altibase is adopted mainly in its in-memory mode only to provide high throughput and low latency for stock trading systems.


  • Samsung Securities is now endowed with real time performance, HA and reliability.
  • Customer retention is strong, and new client acquisitions have become reignited.[2]
  • Its DBMS runs non-stop with five nines HA via real time replication.
  • Samsung Securities is now servicing its customers with a trading system which is 27 times faster than before with Sybase DBMS and 10 times faster than other legacy databases.
  • Samsung Securities now services over 15% of all global institutional investors’ futures/options trading in Korea.


[1] Korea had 3.75 billion contracts of futures option trading volume in 2010.
[2] Samsung Securities was able to add 8 additional key institutional customers.

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