Cloud Certification System – National Information Resources Service

National Information Resources Service (NIRS) adopts Altibase for a certification system to confirm that existing infrastructure solutions and applications of NIRS can be migrated safely and properly into a cloud center.

Use Case: Cloud Certification System

Current Customers: National Information Resources Service

Industry: Public


NIRS, an agency of the Ministry of Public Administration and Safety of Korea, manages information resources of central government institutions and provides 24/7 e-government services.               s


  • NIRS has wanted to establish an effective cloud center for all government agencies and to establish a certification system to ensure that existing systems are to function glitch-free while they are converted into a cloud environment.
  • NIRS’s aim is to virtualize all IT infrastructure so that information flow between IT centers could be controlled by one integrated information system in a cloud environment.
  • In line with the government push for more use of open source software, NIRS initially attempted to use MariaDB and PostgreSQL. However, NIRS found them inadequate in features and functions NIRS looked for and finally chose Altibase.      s


Altibase proves to be richer in feature and function than other open source databases.
  • Altibase’s in-memory capabilities provide much higher throughput and lowerlatency than other disk-resident open source databases.
  • Altibase reduces hardware costs as its in-memory capabilities allow for better performance on equivalent servers than disk-resident databases.
  • Altibase is relational so that the existing DBAs of NIRS find it easy to utilize Altibase as their database knowledge revolves around relational databases, particularly Oracle.
  • Most importantly, Altibase’s 20 years of accumulated experience/know-how in dealing with numerous mission critical use cases could provide NIRS with peace of mind and accountability.

Net Result

  • Altibase enables NIRS to greatly mitigate the problems commonly found in a cloud certification center such as source configuration management and build distribution management.
  • Altibase enables NIRS to simplify and automate its migration process in migrating data, schemas and stored procedures from existing centers to the cloud center.
  • Altibase lowers the implementation and DBA costs of NIRS through its industry standards language, drivers and interfaces of relational databases.
  • Altibase lowers NIRS’s database-related TCO through its flexible and competitive subscription fees while simultaneously improving performance of stability.