Centralized Traffic Control – Korea Railroad

Korea Railroad switched from Informix to Altibase for its centralized traffic control system to have its traffic quality control in real time.

Use Case: CTC (Centralized Traffic Control)

Current Customers: KORAIL

Industry: Manufacturing


Korea Railroad (KORAIL) is a public entity responsible for government-owned rail operations and has been in service for 114 years in South Korea. The Centralized Traffic Control (CTC) that KORAIL uses is a surveillance and control system operated by the central control tower for all railroad operations.


KORAIL needed to integrate 2 KTX control systems to cover KTX Line 1 and 2. It needed a DBMS that could process data quickly and enable non-stop service even during a failure for its integrated control systems.

  • KORAIL needed a DBMS that could process massive volumes of monitoring information in real time in various disastrous events.
  • KORAIL needed a DBMS that supports its non-stop STRATUS server.


  • KORAIL switched from Informix to Altibase for high performance in 2010, which enabled location data collection in real time.
  • For its proven reliability, Altibase was selected to support non-stop service by STRATUS-supplied equipment.


  • Real time monitoring enabled KORAIL to control railroad operations immediately, even during a disaster, and minimized catastrophic consequences.
  • Fast and accurate data management of rail car operation helped to resolve delays and enhance customer satisfaction and confidence.
  • Since 2010, Altibase has been deployed for various other monitoring and control applications by KORAIL.

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