Cash Management System/Firm Banking – “S” Bank

Altibase optimizes the bank's cash management system by improving performance and enabling tighter security.

Use Case: Cash Management Service (CMS)

Current Customers: "S" Bank

Industry: Finance


The bank offers diverse financial services including deposits, loans, credit cards, insurance, FX and securities.


The bank was spending an excessive amount of capital on its core system.  With the increase in recorded data from all branch offices across the country, the bank’s system was unable to process and consolidate all its records into a single database. The legacy system was unable to monitor data in real time.

  • Inadequate performance and low spec storage made the system vulnerable to unauthorized data access.
  • The bank could not process and react to influxes of new information.


The bank has adopted Altibase’s hybrid architecture into its cash management system since 2013. It eliminated overhead and allowed for real time processing of bank data.  In addition to monitoring and detecting unauthorized data access in real time, Altibase’s all-in-one solution has reduce TCO.


  • The bank is able to process, manage and monitor data in real time.
  • Unauthorized access to transaction history is detected and blocked for tighter security.
  • Efficient data management by storing historical data in disk tables and frequently accessed data in memory tables.
  • The bank now enjoys non-stop service and automatic periodic online backups.
  • Reduced system resources (from 70% to 25%), lowering TCO.

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