Call Center – A Leading Utility Company

A leading utility company uses Altibase for its command and control centers. Altibase has trimmed its prior 16 databases to 2 databases.

Use Case: Call Center

Current Customers: Hyosung, LGU+, KT, KEPCO

Industry: Services


The company is one of the largest utility companies in South Korea.


The company was overrun with growing usage demands. Increasing volumes of customer service and emergency calls contributed to system instability and operational meltdown.

  •  The company’s outdated system configuration restricted effective data management and availability.
  •  Strains on the legacy system, causing information lag, led to data loss during data replication.
  •  Ineffectual attempts at backing up data, coupled with data access constraints, resulted in system unreliability and a loss of essential information.
  •  The company’s infrastructure found itself obsolete. Data management and interrelated processes were timeworn, and, furthermore, the associated hardware was becoming non-responsive.


The company has adopted Altibase since 2006. Altibase has trimmed the company’s 16 databases to just 2. Altibase replication provides the call center with uninterrupted 24/7 service and extreme performance.


  •  The call center enjoys a significantly lower TCO attributable to high efficiency and 2 active servers.
  •  Altibase has infused the company with consistently high performance and optimal system availability.
  •  The company handles any variance in call demand without issues.

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