Business Intelligence System – Dongwon F&B

Dongwon F&B switched from Oracle to Altibase in 2013. Altibase enabled the company to process data in real time so that its management could make quick and accurate business decisions.

Use Case: EDW/BI

Current Customers: Dongwon F&B

Industry: Manufacturing


Dongwon F&B is the second largest foods manufacturing company in South Korea. It produces various canned foods including canned tuna and frozen foods.


Dongwon F&B needed a solution to collect and analyze its production and sales data in real time for quick and accurate business decisions. Dongwon F&B was establishing a Business Intelligence (BI) system that would retrieve and analyze data from its ERP system. Initially, the company deployed Oracle databases for the system. However, the databases turned out to be too slow to meet the company’s needs.

  • It took Dongwon F&B 8 hours to collect and analyze production and sales data from the ERP. The company’s minimum requirement was 3 hours.
  • Dongwon F&B was not happy with Oracle’s technical support. Oracle’s support was not readily available when it was needed most. In addition, Dongwon F&B thought that Oracle’s support was too expensive.
  • Dongwon F&B concluded that Oracle databases were not a fit for its BI solutions.


Dongwon F&B has adopted Altibase with hybrid architecture since 2013. The company needed a database that performs fast and possesses analytic features. Altibase was a perfect fit for the company’s requirements.

  • Altibase could collect and analyze data from the ERP system five times faster than Oracle. It now takes only two hours for Altibase to collect and analyze production and sales data from the company’s ERP system.
  • Altibase does not have any problem interoperating with Dongwon F&B’s BI system.


  • Dongwon F&B’s BI solutions now work as the company wants due to Altibase’s high performance. Moreover, Altibase’s hybrid architecture has proved to be instrumental in streamlining the company’s data management. Dongwon F&B now stores historical/less frequently used data on disk tables of Altibase, which enables the company to eliminate the need to purchase on-disk databases for data storage.
  • Altibase has met the company’s requirements to have high performing databases for its BI solutions.
  • Dongwon F&B is also very satisfied with Altibase’s technical support.
  • The company’s TCO has come down by over 40% because of Altibase.


Altibase – Downloading is Believing.