Automated Taxi Dispatch Service – KOREA Transportation Safety Authority (TS)

Korea Transportation Safety Authority adopts Altibase for its automated taxi dispatch service to receive, analyze and send trip requests to nearest taxi drivers in real time.

Use Case: Automated Taxi Dispatch Service

Industry: Services


Korea Transportation Safety Authority (TS) operates and manages various transportation safety projects to protect lives and properties in all areas including land, aviation and railroad.


TS needed a DBMS that can handle multiple ride requests and simultaneously analyze traffic information in real time.

  • TS needed an in-memory DBMS to collect and process the location information of passengers and taxis in real time.
  • TS also needed an on-disk DBMS to store and analyze the vast amounts of information regarding traffic, stagnation zones, accident zones, etc. according to taxi routes.
  • TS sought a solution that can quickly send information about nearest taxis’ locations and local traffic to passengers in real time when requested.


TS has adopted Altibase for both in-memory and on-disk usages since 2014.


TS can now manage large volumes of traffic information and handle location information of passengers and taxis in real time with a single unified DBMS.

  • Altibase enables TS to collect and analyze 130,000 taxi routes every 5 seconds.
  • Altibase enables TS to seamlessly integrate all of the information via MOVE and JOIN operations for memory tables and disk tables without any additional middleware or solutions necessary.
  • TCO has been cut in half because of fewer licenses and integration middlewares for service operation.

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