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Cryptocurrency Exchange – CoreDAX

Who CoreDAX is a cryptocurrency exchange created by Neoframe. Neoframe specializes in market data processing and trading systems for securities companies. Established in 1999, Neoframe has pioneered the development of home trading systems for major brokerage houses in Korea. CoreDAX currently trades 17 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and Etherium. Problem CoreDAX wanted to gain its competitive […]


OpenMCM – Hewlett Packard

Who Hewlett Packard (HP) provides comprehensive IT solutions to enterprise clients worldwide. HP OpenMCM is a wholly unique application performance monitoring (APM) system developed by HP. It is able to monitor and trace operational statuses of end-to-end transactions in real time. Problem HP had been confronted with a performance bottleneck. HP’s solution encompassed the following […]


Proprietary Trading Desk – Hoa Soft

Who Hoa Soft is a leading independent software vendor (ISV) that specializes in financial security solutions. Hoa Soft’s TOPS (a system for proprietary trading desk – prop desk) supports traders who manage the assets of many of the largest global securities firms. Problem Hoa Soft’s order processing stalled when large volumes of orders flooded its […]


Accounting Processing System – NH Bank

Who  NH Bank (NH), with 1,172 branches, is the largest and only national agricultural cooperative in Korea. NH Bank’s cooperative banking unit offers diverse financial services: deposits, loans, credit cards, insurances and FX. Problem NH was spending inordinate amounts of excess capital supporting employee overtime and extended office hours, which resulted in inefficiencies. The vast […]


Futures/Options Trading System – I’M Investment & Securities

Who I’M Investment & Securities is a leading global investment firm. Problem I’M, with its legacy Oracle system, experienced severe latency problems within its domestic futures/options trading system. Additional performance issues surfaced during global expansion of its FX trading platform. The geometric growth in online trading caused I’M’s trade execution and confirmation system to become […]