Nobody gets fired for hiring Oracle. Or will they?

Oracle: Bernstein Ups to Buy, Cloud Clearing Up; Credit Suisse Lauds In-Memory Initiative.” **

As in-memory database management systems are becoming more and more mainstream with each passing day, there are many questions that challenge the status quo.

What was once an easy decision that revolved around: “use Oracle,” “use IBM,” “use Microsoft” and you are covered, is no longer the pillow of job security as it once was.

Gartner’s CEO noted in a recent keynote speech that the leaders of today (mentioned Oracle and SAP) will no longer be the leaders inside of 6 years.

C-Level executives are now challenged with mind-numbing pressure to steer their companies to the forward-looking data management strategies and vendors that will certainly involve in-memory databases – but the question lurks – which one?

We live in a new “hyper-connected” world that revolves around truly breathtaking data processing speeds, but the fundamentals of database management systems have not changed. Choose experience. Choose maturity. Choose wisely.

Playing it safe is no longer an option by betting on the big names for namesake alone. The unfortunate reality of many of the big names in the database space is that they acquire technology to attempt to keep pace. The net result is akin to betting on a race after it’s already over.

Vendors, no matter how large, that are chasing the flavor of the day or are redefining their core business models will fade. No one in this space is too big to fail.

To thrive, C-level executives have to play it smart and invest in those that have defined themselves in the in-memory space.

Database comparisons

** Barron’s Blog Tech Trader Daily; May 5, 2014, 12:42 P.M. ET

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