Why Enterprises Need In-Memory Databases

At a recent Gartner event, the keynotes given by the top executives at Gartner circled around the “Internet of Things.” Although this has been around for years, the fruition of a true Internet of Things is just beginning. Gartner noted that enterprises will need three core things to thrive or fail based on the Internet of Things: 1) In-Memory Databases, 2) CEP, 3) Real-time Sensor data.

In-Memory databases coupled with CEP, sensor data and precise geo-spatial capabilities help enterprises with the prerequisites needed to harness the power of real-time information.

In-Memory databases (IMDBMSs) provide the high-speed transactional (OLTP) and analytic (OLAP) functionality that allow for sub-microsecond data processing. By combining the power of IMDBMS, CEP, GIS and sensors, life becomes a highly efficient and optimized information hub.

Altibase(Hybrid DB) software has an out-of-the-box In-Memory databases with an on-disk database in a single database which fortifies enterprises with extreme processing speed and storage capacity of physical disk in a single unified engine. Altibase also has CEP, GIS, sensor data for M2M (and others) with the ability to persist data with strict durability and real-time ACID compliance. In addition, Altibase scales with virtually no limitations both vertically and horizontally.

In-Memory databases are the springboard that allows enterprises to leverage the power of RAM. Altibase combines this with the other components such as CEP and scalability to deliver a total unified “solution” vis a vis its In-Memory database.

The future is now. Embrace it.

For over 15 years, with a total focus on In-Memory computing, Altibase has been in the business of future-proofing businesses.

In the Cloud with: E*trade

Altibase, the premiere provider of in-memory database solutions for real-time access, collaborated with E*Trade to solve a critical issue with their DBMS that prevented E*Trade from expanding their platform offline. Altibase has proven success in the financial field and was able to provide them with a DBMS that could handle the expansion and opportunities that has driven E*Trade to success. Read more

In the Cloud with: Samsung

Altibase, the go-to source for mission critical in-memory database management strategies, teamed with Samsung to solve an issue with the foundation of their DBMS. With experience solving database related issues for global leaders in various industries, we were the optimal choice to provide them with a scalable, satisfying, high-performance product to solve their database concerns.

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