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A Telco With Over 26 Million Subscribers Utilizes Altibase as a Front End to Oracle for Higher Performance and Lower Database-Related TCO

The telco’s use case epitomizes Altibase’s compatibility with Oracle: Altibase can replace Oracle or can interoperate with Oracle when replacement of all Oracle databases is not feasible. Aug. 13. 2018   The cost savings are manifesting greatly as Altibase is now open source. The telco is the largest mobile service provider in Korea with 26 million subscribers. […]

Ultimate Flexibility: Plug & Play with Altibase

Introduction IT organizations around the world today are scrambling to embrace the latest and greatest in new technology trends.  Whether that consists of cloud deployments, XaaS, container technology, etc., IT organizations are learning that failing to embrace new technologies inevitably leads to being overtaken by their competitors. It goes without saying that databases are a […]

Altibase v6.5 Chosen by China Mobile, Fujian for its Billing and Order Support System (BOSS)

Altibase, a provider of in-memory database management system, announces that Altibase v6.5 was chosen by China Mobile Fujian over other leading database vendors for its high performance and advanced features. High performance is a critical requirement for business support systems because BSS systems play a key role in product management, order management, revenue management and customer management for telecommunications providers. […]

Altibase Delivers Next DBMS Version and Updated Migration Tools

ALTIBASE HDB Version 6.5 and Migration Center 6.1.1 Altibase is making an often difficult choice to replace incumbent databases, a far easier one for global enterprises. Its latest database release and feature set is loaded with improvements to make customers’ decisions to switch from their legacy databases a virtual no-brainer. The latest versions answer growing global […]

Is Your Business Ready for a Plug & Play World? – Modularity Part 1

With the backdrop of IT at its core, the complexity of IT and its choices in today’s business world are staggering. “People and business love choice. ” “Choice is freedom.” “Choice is king.” “Choice leads to innovation.” How nimble and adaptable is your business? Most businesses will ‘eventually’ arrive at a crossroads where different technologies have to […]