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10 In-Memory Databases

Altibase: one of the top “10 In-Memory Database Options Power Speedy Performance” @ InformationWeek 1 of 12 From Altibase to VoltDB, and covering options from IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP, we wrap up leading in-memory databases and add-on options. When you need speed, here are 10 tools to choose. Yes, the death of the conventional […]

Altibase introduction in 01net

Chi è Altibase, il database opensource che vuole sfidare Ibm, Microsoft e Oracle di Dario Colombo -15 febbraio 2018 Altibase è un database relazionale di livello enterprise opensource. Come afferma il presidente di Altibase, Paul Nahm «L’ industria dei database sta diventando opensource, la tendenza è chiara. Ma per i clienti aziendali esigenti e prudenti con le applicazioni mission critical c’è […]

Altibase Challenges Oracle, IBM & Microsoft

Altibase Challenges Oracle, IBM & Microsoft Mature, battle-tested database is now open source Feb 12, 2018, 10:47 EST NEW YORK, Feb. 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — On February 12 in 2018, Altibase, an enterprise grade relational database, announced that it is now open source. “The database industry is going open source – the trend is clear,” says Altibase Chairman, Paul Nahm. “But […]