What about Cost?

  • Altibase is an open source DBMS and can lower your TCO with its flexible and competitive subscription fees.
  • Altibase is a time-tested and proven DBMS with 18 years of experience in servicing over 600 enterprise clients including 8 of Fortune Global 500.
  • Altibase provides richer sets of features and functions and greater reliability.
  • Altibase’s hybrid architecture eliminates the need to purchase an in-memory database and a disk resident database separately.
  • Altibase’s subscription and support agreements are entirely optional.
  • Altibase eliminates the need for stressful “audits” that can tack on millions of dollars in unanticipated fees.
  • Altibase reduces hardware costs by accelerating performance on existing server and hardware.
  • Altibase lowers implementation and DBA costs through compatibility with industry standard programming languages, drivers and interfaces.
  • Altibase is free of IP infringement, and so are its clients from any IP related litigation and financial risks.

Altibase is an enterprise grade, high performance and relational DBMS. Altibase believes in an all-encompassing strategy to bring total costs down while simultaneously improving the performance and stability of your system.

Altibase is an open source DBMS, and there are no license costs. But, Altibase is enterprise grade. Altibase has 18 years of experience in producing, selling and supporting mature DBMS solutions for over 600 enterprise clients including 8 of Fortune Global 500. Thus, it allows for the benefits of huge cost savings of open source DBMSs. In addition, Altibase’s 18-year accumulated know-how of dealing with various mission critical use cases provides peace of mind and accountability.

Altibase adheres to traditional relational principles and paradigms so that its clients can adopt and utilize Altibase without making the radical architectural changes required of significantly different database technologies such as NoSQL.

Altibase’s SQL compliance allows existing DBA resources to easily learn and administrate Altibase and eliminates the need for costly retraining and additional hiring. In addition, migrating systems using legacy relational databases to a new database that also supports relational features is exponentially less complex.

Altibase is a hybrid database which has both in-memory database features and on-disk database features in a single engine. This allows for unrivaled cost savings for those who would have to purchase two separate databases – one with in-memory capabilities of high performance for frequently used (hot) data and the other with on-disk capabilities of mass data storage for less frequently used (cold) data.

When it comes to cost, Altibase believes in an all-encompassing strategy to bring your database-related TCO down while simultaneously improving the performance and stability of your system.

Here is how Altibase does it:

  • No License Cost
    • Altibase is an open source DBMS.
  • Subscription and Support Fees
    • Annual subscription fees are lower than all mainstream DBMS providers.
    • Subscription and support fees can cater to your IT budget according to your specific DB needs and requirements so that you can minimize or eliminate unnecessary expenditures.
    • Altibase’s support can provide you with peace of mind and accountability with the help of our industry leading specialists.
  • Hardware Costs
    • Altibase outperforms disk-resident databases on identical hardware, potentially mitigating the need to add or upgrade server infrastructure.
    • Altibase has less CPU utilization than most legacy databases, freeing up additional resources for other “useful” works.
  • Implementation Costs
    • Altibase is relational and SQL-compliant, greatly simplifying migrations.
    • In some cases, migration is as simple as swapping out a JDBC connection string.
    • Altibase provides Migration Center, a free utility that can automatically migrate data, schemas and stored procedures from legacy databases to Altibase.
  • DBA Costs
    • Altibase’s SQL compliance makes it simple for avid users of Oracle or SQL Server to learn and administrate Altibase.
    • Configuration and installation is straightforward and simple, greatly reducing the cost and complexity of management.
    • No need to hire new DBA resources to handle completely different database paradigms such as NoSQL.
  • No Litigation Risk
    • Altibase is free of IP infringement, and its users are not subject to any IP related litigation and financial risks.

Through these multiple avenues, Altibase has a demonstrated history of saving companies millions of dollars in database-related costs, while simultaneously improving stability and performance. Because of the significant reduction in TCO that Altibase offers, many of our customers often choose to migrate additional systems over to Altibase.

Downloading is believing.