Altibase Revamps DBMS Industry with All-Inclusive Pricing for its Enterprise-Edition In-Memory Databases

Altibase, the world’s most trusted in-memory database, recently announced a simplified all-inclusive pricing model for its relational in-memory hybrid database.

Altibase’s enterprise pricing model simplifies esoteric database licensing practices. Database licensing can be extremely complicated and overly confusing on the enterprise level. For other vendors, the irreconcilable damage of hidden costs, unsavory business tactics and distrust from loyal customers is now front and center.

In stark contrast, Altibase is making licensing easy. Its all-inclusive pricing model for its enterprise databases includes the license with no additional charge for advanced features and functions. Other database vendors charge exorbitant fees for “add-ons.” These may include but are not limited to replication, advanced security, in-memory capabilities, high availability, geo-spatial, disaster recovery, partitioning and much more.*

Altibase’s list price is already significantly lower than its primary competitors. The all-inclusive pricing model gives enterprise clients major savings over a la carte pricing strategies, while giving them peace of mind. Altibase, as a software-only, hardware-agnostic DBMS vendor saves substantial additional expense by running on all commodity platforms.

“Altibase is taking a chapter out of commercial banking with no hidden fees or gimmicks.  Altibase already has the highest customer satisfaction and retention rate in the database industry. However, we clearly understand that if we do not continuously listen to our clients and turn their suggestions into actions, we will fall into an abyss of complacency. This will not happen – ever. Our team has put decades of work into our products for technical innovation and transformation. Our new all-inclusive pricing model is another major step forward in furthering our best-in-class customer satisfaction rate.” — CEO of Altibase

Altibase, Altibase’s marquis hybrid database, is a relational database that boasts a true hybrid architecture that fuses an in-memory and on-disk database in a single unified engine. By being able to handle the performance of in-memory with the flexibility of physical disk in one DBMS, Altibase has lowered the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for over 550 of the largest organizations across the globe. The hybrid DBMS engine gives businesses the ability to maximize the processing capabilities of their existing infrastructure using in-memory technology, while simultaneously allowing them to continue to enjoy the cheap storage capabilities of spinning disk. With in-memory database research and development beginning in 1991, Altibase boasts unmatched product maturity fortified with the experience of thousands of real-world, mission-critical applications.

*Altibase’s maintenance and technical support are not included items in the new pricing model.

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Altibase’s Hybrid In-Memory Database Implemented in Top 5 Global Messaging Company for Over 1 Billion Messages Per Day

Altibase, the world’s most reliable in-memory database, has been chosen for a top 5 messaging client (company confidential), trusted to manage over 1 billion messages per day.

Many studies such as the one published by Portio Research, are stating that the traditional Standard Messaging Services (SMS or text messages) have peaked in popularity and are being overtaken by what is known as Over-the-Top (OTT) messaging clients. Due to the rise in popularity and global availability of smart phones, Portio Research forecasts in their Mobile Messaging Futures 2013-2017 publication that by 2017 the number of SMS messages sent per month worldwide will drop to 658 billion and OTT messages will jump to 2.67 trillion.

A leading OTT messaging company (who requests anonymity), has chosen Altibase to handle its current high-intensity data load while also allowing the company to prepare for future growth. Altibase’s hybrid database, ALTIBASE HDB, has a unique hybrid architecture that flawlessly synchronizes a client’s in-memory tablespace and on-disk tablespace into a single unified engine. Altibase refers to this as 1+1=1.

This unification creates an environment where real-time data (hot) can be processed at blazing speeds while historical data (cold) can be stored on disk. The flexible architecture allows for seamless movement of hot and cold data, as needed, with the added benefit of complete data integrity. The hybrid architecture allows the company to handle real-time data loads and at the same time store volumes of historical data in one tidy DBMS.

“Altibase’s offering is unique. It has given our company the ability to save time and money while solving some of our biggest data-related issues. Altibase’s HDB has immediately helped our company with our current problems, but we also believe that it will help prepare us for the immense growth that the entire industry is forecasting.” – Senior Solutions Architect, Company Confidential

With over 550 enterprise clients and a huge variety of use cases in sectors spanning from telecommunications to manufacturing, Altibase’s in-memory database management system has been the database of choice for mission-critical applications across the globe since 1999.

Altibase Included in Gartner’s 2014 Magic Quadrant for Operational Database Management Systems for Hybrid In-Memory Database

Altibase, the world’s most trusted in-memory DBMS, has once again been included as one of only 25 vendors in Gartner’s 2014 Magic Quadrant for Operational Database Management Systems.

The Magic Quadrant for Operational Database Management Systems (DBMS), includes virtually all types of database management systems including but not limited to relational, non-relational, NoSQL, NewSQL, closed, and open-sourced DBMSs. Gartner’s 2014 Magic Quadrant for Operational Database Management Systems* opens with, “The operational DBMS market continues to grow, with innovative products and features being delivered by both new and traditional vendors.”

The staggering growth of new types and numbers of DBMS vendors has provided fertile ground for IT innovation and transformation. However, the result is an in-memory database management space that becomes more muddy and confusing every year.  As a result, Gartner’s MQ for Operational DBMSs is a significantly more valuable tool than ever before, for IT decision-makers worldwide.


Read the full Gartner report here (Gartner subscription is required).

Altibase provides the world’s most trusted relational DBMS. Its flagship product Altibase (Hybrid DBMS) provides a unique balance for effectively all use cases, by combining the speed of an in-memory DBMS with the persistence and storage capabilities of an on-disk DBMS, all in a single unified DBMS engine. Altibase is world-renowned for excellence in managing mission-critical applications for global enterprises with its rich history spanning nearly a decade and a half.

“It goes without saying that Altibase’s inclusion in another Magic Quadrant is an honor. Altibase’s product maturity, ability to handle a wide array of use-cases and unmatched reliability are its hallmarks on a technical level. At the end of the day, the technology is amazing, but our clients’ happiness is how we assess our true value.” — CEO of Altibase Inc.

*Gartner, Magic Quadrant for Operational Database Management Systems, Donald Feinberg | Merv Adrian | Nick Heudecker, 16 October 2014

About the Magic Quadrant .

Gartner does not endorse any vendor, product or service depicted in its research publications, and does not advise technology users to select only those vendors with the highest ratings or other designation. Gartner research publications consist of the opinions of Gartner’s research organization and should not be construed as statements of fact. Gartner disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, with respect to this research, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

About Altibase:

Altibase is a world leader in data management systems and provides high performance computing solutions to top companies worldwide. Altibase has helped hundreds of enterprise clients in Telecommunications, Financial Services, Manufacturing and Government with their growing database management needs.


Altibase, the World’s Most Trusted In-Memory Database, Announces Strategic Partnership with Ericpol to Tackle Global Information and Communications Technology Market

Altibase, the world most trusted in-memory database, is renowned for offering IT departments a solution that eliminates downtime and data loss while improving performance in one tidy database. Their flagship product, Altibase, extends unprecedented speed with unmatched stability by combining an in-memory and on-disk database into a single unified engine.

“The first conversation with Ericpol sparked an instant chemistry between our organizations. Aside from our tactical and technical commonalities, we are both obsessed with our clients’ satisfaction and have been widely recognized for that. It made perfect business sense to develop this strategic partnership and we are excited to see how we will further impact the future of technology in not only telecommunications but in all sectors.” – CEO of Altibase

Altibase and Ericpol

Both companies’ roots trace back to 1991 and both have played pivotal roles in transforming the telecommunications market from the inefficiencies, inaccuracies, and instabilities that plagued mobile providers everywhere. Altibase is trusted as the backend database for their integrated billing system for over 775 million subscribers. In the same time Ericpol coproduced software, which allowed mobile connectivity for more than 2.5 billion users around the world.

“Signing the contract with Altibase opens a new chapter of Ericpol’s presence in the US market. The projects we have run in the USA so far, were mainly related to product development in the banking and finance sector. The partnership with Altibase enriches our offer targeted at both the American and the European telecom market.”  — CEO of Ericpol

About Altibase:

Altibase is the pioneer of in-memory databases with its beginnings 23 years ago as a government-sponsored research initiative. ALTIBASE HDB is the only hybrid database management system of its kind, coupling the speed of RAM and the scalability of disk in a single unified engine. With offices around the globe, Altibase provides unmatched legendary support 24×7×365.

For more information, contact Altibase at +1-888-837-7333, or email us at
Please visit: for detailed information on all of Altibase’s products.

About Ericpol:

Ericpol Sp. z o.o. is an engineering company which has been operating in the international ICT market since 1991. The company provides outsourcing and consultancy services, and dedicated solutions in the fields of telecommunications, M2M (machine to machine) communication, IoT (Internet of Things), as well as applications for the medical, financial and banking sectors, along with business solutions. Ericpol has four offices in Poland and three subsidiaries in Belarus, Ukraine and Sweden, which together form the Ericpol Group employing a total of  over 2000 workers.

Altibase, the Pioneer of In-Memory Databases and Above the Standard Procurement Group® Combine 60 Years of Collective Experience in Strategic Partnership

Altibase, the Pioneer of In-Memory Database Management Systems, today announced a strategic partnership with Above the Standard Procurement Group®, Inc. (Above the Standard), a Global Leader in Profit Maximization and Business Growth Services.


Altibase is the most trusted in-memory database management system in the world, providing real-time solutions to enterprises worldwide. As the go-to source for mission critical applications, Altibase touts the revolutionary technology that couples the speed of an In-Memory database with the storage capabilities of an on-disk database in a single unified engine. This hybrid architecture flawlessly marries speed, stability, and flexibility.  Altibase ats

Further, Altibase has lowered the TCO (total cost of ownership) for countless organizations around the world with a simple all-inclusive pricing model. Altibase’s combination of cutting-edge technology and lower costs falls directly in line with Above the Standard’s business model.

“We are very excited about this global partnership with Altibase. Altibase has provided incredible value and industry-leading technologies for thousands of clients and will undoubtedly continue to do so for future clients in all verticals worldwide. Together we will fulfill our mission of serving the client with the best value and customized solutions that support, develop, and optimize each organization’s core competencies.”

CEO of  Above the Standard Procurement Group

Above the Standard Procurement Group®, Inc. is known as a global leader in profit maximization and business growth services, which include cost reduction, procurement, and financial services. Their 30-year track record has increased profits for organizations in the tens of billions of dollars all over the world. Since Altibase provides exceptional monetary value while delivering superior technology, Above the Standard’s decision to ink this partnership was clear.

Altibase’s hybrid architecture inherently allows organizations to utilize their current hardware more efficiently, leading to further cost savings. Certain use-cases of Altibase even state that the required hardware in their infrastructures was decreased by over 80%.

“As we continue to expand our global business with a strong focus on the US and EMEA, we quickly identified Above the Standard’s ability to enhance our growth initiatives. Our strategic alliances have historically bolstered the process and we are certain that Above the Standard will accelerate our global expansion. “

  • – CEO of Altibase

Altibase’s “List Price” licensing costs are significantly lower than the list price of the leading competitors. Altibase’s pricing advantage does not stop there; the top database companies possess extremely complex pricing models and charge for virtually every additional software feature (HA, replication, spatial, analytics, etc.) while Altibase includes it all in one tidy package. This simplifies the decision-making process and translates into enormous savings in human capital companywide.


About Altibase
Altibase is the World’s Most Trusted In-Memory Database and for over 20 years has been providing real-time solutions to enterprises worldwide. Altibase is the go-to source for mission-critical applications, pioneering revolutionary technology that couples the speed of an In-Memory database with the storage capacity of an on-disk database in a single unified engine. Coupled with industry-leading, 24×7 support, enterprises across the globe trust Altibase with their mission-critical applications day-in and day-out.


About Above the Standard

Above the Standard Procurement Group®, Inc. increases profits for organizations around the globe through procurement, financial, and business growth services.  Our proven 30+ year track record has increased profits in the tens of billions of dollars for organizations all over the globe.  Above the Standard can be viewed at

Above the Standard’s proven track record has helped small to large organizations in most industries increase profits at an average of 28.2% increase, 98% of the time for our engaged clients in all procurement cost reduction and finance cases!

The core services provided by Above the Standard include, but are not limited to: cost reduction, procurement outsourcing, cost analysis, market research, supply chain management, finance, procurement training, direct and indirect procurement, strategic sourcing, category management, supplier relationship management, procurement transformation, and other services.

Above the Standard is located throughout the globe with its headquarters in Washington, D.C., U.S.A.  Founded by Mr. Ted Landgraf, they have more than three decades of delivered results.  For more information, contact Above the Standard at (888) 443-4648 or email us in

Intel Boosts the Value of Altibase’s In Memory Hybrid Database with SATA SSD and Xeon E7v2 Processors

Intel’s new solution overview details the extreme performance, capacity, and scalability of Altibase’s In-Memory Hybrid Database with Intel’s new Xeon E7v2 Processors.

Intel® and Altibase have reached a new milestone in their partnership through a recent solution overview released by Intel.  Intel’s solution overview details the significant performance improvements garnered by Altibase compared against Intel’s previous generation of Xeon processors.

Intel and Altibase

Altibase’s maximum in-memory capacity increased to 12 TB with an 8-socket Intel® Xeon processor E7 v2 based platform, and in-memory data processing performance increased by 1.94 times compared to the previous-generation of Intel Xeon E7 processors.

“Intel’s new E7v2 family of Xeon processors enabled our company to propose large capacity databases that simply weren’t possible in the past.  By leveraging the performance and scalability of the E7v2 platform, we anticipate that this will lead to an even greater spike in sales for Altibase.” – Director of Altibase

The significance of this collaboration stems from Altibase’s unique hybrid architecture which seamlessly unifies an in-memory and on-disk database into a single, fully ACID compliant, SQL standard compliant DBMS engine.

The recent collaboration further extends Altibase’s and Intel’s history of growing technology advancements. Together, they have addressed the challenge of harnessing the full potential of speed without compromising storage capabilities. Altibase and Intel enable users to handle real time, high performance data processing without sacrificing scalability.

Known as the world’s most trusted in-memory database, Altibase has proven its technology in over 5,000 mission-critical deployments for over 550 enterprise organizations. With roots reaching as far back as 1991, they have paved the way for in-memory computing and remains the leader in that space.

To read the full solution overview on Intel’s website, Please Click Here>>

Altibase’s In-Memory Database Offers Speed, Scalability, and Security to Web-Based Cloud Services

Altibase, the world’s most trusted in-memory database solution is stabilizing cloud computing with their unique hybrid database, ALTIBASE HDB.

As cloud computing continues to penetrate into mainstream technology, consumers are taking advantage of the capability to access data at will. Simply because data is stored in the “cloud” does not mean it is immune to bottlenecks that impact performance, scalability, and security. In order to limit these bottlenecks, cloud-based services also require a backend database management system (DBMS) that not only maintain these loads, but can ensure top of the line performance, scalability, and security.

Altibase is renowned for solving the dilemma that plagues the database management world: the inevitable decision between speed and scalability. Further, with other in-memory database vendors, data integrity is always a concern because of the volatile nature of RAM. Altibase has no such limitations. Altibase’s hybrid database, ALTIBASE HDB, offers extreme flexibility by combining an In-Memory database with a disk-resident database in a single unified database. By combining the speed of RAM and the storage capacity of physical disk in a single database, enterprises are armed with complete data management freedom. This same hybrid architecture consequently creates a database that is more secure than any traditional legacy database. With Altibase’s true hybrid architecture and full ACID compliance, data integrity is never an issue. With Durability levels that can be customized, clients have the flexibility to choose Durability that custom-fits their specific use-case.

Altibase, who is trusted by over 550 enterprise clients worldwide, is trusted for many organizations’ cloud-based services including cloud-enabled services for data federation in real-time, web-based employee management systems, CRM systems, and global cloud authentication for over 100 million users for Samsung’s App Store.

“With Altibase, there is no need to choose between speed, scalability, or security.” says Altibase’s CEO. “We have been in the forefront of the in-memory database market since 1999, and organizations all over the world trust that our products will future-proof their business, allowing them to easily make advances into new technological frontiers like the cloud, M2M and CEP.”

Altibase is a real-time ACID and SQL standard compliant relational database. Coupled with its patented MOVE technology that can move data between memory and disk with a simple command, Altibase boasts ease of use and implementation. It is the database of choice for thousands of mission critical applications of organizations including Samsung, HP, and E-Trade.

Altibase’s In-Memory Database Chosen by a Top 3 U.S. Insurance Company for its Mission Critical Management Systems

Organizations across the world have begun taking advantage of the extreme speeds of in-memory databases. The consensus among enterprises is that in-memory databases are no longer a niche technology, but a necessity required to make sure that they are not left in the technological dust. Insurance companies are no exception to this; it is quintessential that they receive data, efficiently, on demand and in the form that they need it in. Ultimately, the necessity of enormous transactional speed and storage capacity of physical disk is what led the insurance company (who requests anonymity) to select Altibase.

The insurer deployed Altibase’s hybrid in-memory database for its Applications Monitoring, Marketing Communication Management and Mission Critical Management systems. It now has a comprehensive view of the organization’s activity allowing it to be reactive and proactive in real-time.

“It is exciting to see our technology successfully utilized to help a leader in insurance with its business activities. Altibase has received much attention in the U.S. and Europe of late, and our 20+ years of R&D in pure in-memory databases is now proving its worth; in-memory databases are now clearly becoming mainstream. Altibase has never been inclined to follow any technological trends. As we have been doing since our roots as a research project in 1991, Altibase takes an antithetical view and turns it into the industry standard.” – CEO of Altibase

The company swiftly identified the distinct advantages of Altibase’s hybrid in-memory database over caching offerings from other major vendors. Altibase’s in-memory database is a true relational database management system (DBMS) and is wholly different from a caching solution (caching is only good for reads and not writes). Speed was not the only requirement for the insurance company; it also needed to tap years of historical data to model against real-time data in order to bolster its predictive analysis. The company needed to manipulate data instantaneously while having the ability to store vast amounts of data on-disk. Altibase delivered flexibility with speed and size as well as custom durability levels (data integrity).

By leveraging the speed and flexibility of Altibase’s in-memory database with true hybrid architecture, the insurance company is now able to implement appropriate solutions without delay. The positive effects of this time to value are transparent to the insurer’s customers while it concurrently satisfies client demands for accurate information and business processes to support their needs.

“ALTIBASE HDB far exceeded our initial expectations of increasing transactional speeds. 8 months after implementation, Altibase has proven to be a significant asset for our organization on multiple levels. Altibase is helping us prepare for IT plans on many more levels than we previously thought. Our goals to quickly improve on loss prevention, mitigate risk, and create new lines of insurance services are significantly more concrete.” – CTO, Company Confidential

Altibase’s HDB has a unique architecture that couples an in-memory database with an on-disk database in a single unified engine. Altibase refers to this technology as 1+1=1. Altibase’s hybrid database allows the insurer to persist data in-memory, on-disk or a combination of both. It also allows bidirectional movement of hot and cold data with its proprietary MOVE technology.

To tackle a wide array of use cases,Altibase is easy to use (SQL-92 Compliance, supports all common interfaces, requires minimal application programming for implementation, etc.) and is able to process data quickly while storing large data sets through the on-disk database, all in a single engine. Altibase provides ways to drastically increase speed and lower TCO while ensuring complete data integrity, zero latency, and zero downtime.

Competitors Fighting to Chase Altibase’s In-Memory Database with In-Memory “Options”

Recently, database competitors have touted the benefits of new in-memory “options” as though they were true in-memory database management systems (DBMS), when in fact they are not.

True in-memory DBMSs differentiate themselves from in-memory “options” (AKA caching) because caching only increases the speed of reads and not writes. Altibase’s in-memory database has an architecture that handles both reads and writes at the speed of RAM.

Caching temporarily maintains frequently-accessed data in-memory, and as such, it is commonly misconstrued as being an in-memory database or hybrid database. Caching is not a database at all. It is a cache.

One competitor’s new in-memory “option,” which is not yet commercially available, is merely a fancier descriptor for caching. For online transactional processing (OLTP) databases, data manipulation (DML) is critical. Since caching cannot handle DML, there is really nothing newly developed here.

In recent years, several competitors have experimented in the in-memory computing market by acquiring small in-memory companies with questionable success. In stark contrast, Altibase’s technology was developed from the ground up and its ease of use is backed by its extensive enterprise client base.

“I am extremely pleased that the world finally realizes that in-memory computing is not a crazy, whimsical idea anymore. However, the new iteration of in-memory options, at this point, are simply smoke and mirrors. The recent spike in interest only cements Altibase’s ability to innovate far ahead of any technological trends. Our decades of experience in in-memory databases is more crucial now than ever before.” – CEO of Altibase

Unlike many commercial caching solutions, a full-featured in-memory database does not lose data when shut down or restarted. Altibase adheres to full, real time ACID compliance, and durability that guarantees data integrity. Altibase has a persistent cache which is a default setting, and can recover all data without issue.

Since Altibase combines an in-memory database and physical disk database in a single unified engine, strict durability is possible and assures complete data integrity.

Altibase’s HybridDB is a single database solution that meets all needs in any use case. With persistent cache, In-Memory, and on-disk in a single database, flexibility and data integrity are a given. With Altibase, leaving no need to purchase a caching solution.

To read the full Database Comparison Click here>>

Altibase In-Memory Database Selected by a Top 3 U.S. Security Company for Real-Time Surveillance Systems

Altibase, the leader of In-Memory databases, today announces the integration of its in-memory database management system into a top U.S. security company to help with the increasing demands of commercial and residential security surveillance.

As threats grow each and every day, enterprises are deploying mature in-memory database management systems to help fight crime. The prevalence of crime is exploding and encompasses both physical and cyber threats. Altibase provides the company (who requests anonymity) with the benefits of fail-safe, real-time data collection, CEP and the ability to manage sensor data to further cement the company’s position as a global leader in security.

The company relies on streams of data that come in from sensors both locally and across the globe to identify threats. Additionally, the company must make sense of that data to identify real threats versus false-positives. Altibase gives the company the tools to handle large volumes of data in real-time while also harnessing that data to cross-check historical data – all in a blink of an eye.

Altibase’s hybrid In-Memory database, Altibase, was chosen among 3 other leading database vendors to help protect the world against crime. The security company is responsible for monitoring audio, visual, and geo-locale security

“We chose Altibase because of its proven maturity in the high-performance database field. Performance was a large consideration, but Altibase’s experience was our final decision making criteria.” –Infrastructure Lead, Company Confidential

Altibase was selected by the company for its integrated surveillance systems and real-time surveillance systems that monitor all events that occur in commercial and residential properties, defense sites, aerospace, and other related sites.

“Altibase is humbled by the fact that a leader in global security chose our in-memory database for its most mission-critical applications. It is a testament to our tireless dedication to provide enterprises with the most battle-tested in-memory database in the world. There is nothing that speaks more clearly than Altibase’s thousands of proven use-cases, and we stand by each case as though it were our first.” – CEO of Altibase

Altibase helps its customers create a data environment that is highly flexible and customizable. Since ALTIBASE HDB is a true hybrid database, it can process vast amounts of data in-memory with extreme transactional speed, while permitting larger data sets to reside on-disk. Altibase refers to this single unified engine, as 1+1=1. One database for virtually all data needs.

Altibase’s Hybrid In-Memory Database Provides the Tools to Protect Organizations from Data Breaches – eTDE, ECC, 1x Decryption

Altibase’s hybrid in-memory database is fighting the war on data breaches by redirecting perpetrators to easier prey. Unfortunately, there is no way to absolutely protect from data breaches; however, Altibase’s unique hybrid engine provides organizations with the tools to divert criminal attention to easier targets. 

Data security has always been a critical IT concern, but recent data breaches at Target, Michael’s, Adobe, Yahoo, AOL and others have highlighted the devastating impact it can have on an organization’s bottom line.  The collateral damage to financial institutions is massive. The recent breach of Target’s data not only had an enormous cost in dollar terms, but also severely marred its reputation and consumer confidence.

A 100% guarantee of complete data security is technically impossible.  Every system has potential holes; every kind of encryption can eventually be broken. Add human error into the equation, and data vulnerability is spinning out of control.

Sound scary? It is. Altibase can

Altibase’s hybrid in-memory database combines a RAM database and on-disk database in a single unified engine which marries high-intensity data processing though RAM and mass storage capacity of physical disk. What this allows is rapid detection of real-time data, cross-checked with historical baseline data to identify outliers that may indicate a threat 24/7/365. The hybrid architecture allows for high-speed processing with seamless communication with historical data in a single database – efficiency delivered.

With this hybrid foundation, Altibase HDB’s advanced, native encryption features such as Enhanced Transparent Data Encryption (eTDE), Encrypted Comparison Code (ECC) and 1-time decryption are designed to give enterprises enough time to detect the breach, inform all impacted parties, and take remediation measures.  This gives organizations the tools and the time that they need to respond to and extinguish the impacts of data security breaches before the results are irreparable.

“In the wake of the recent data breaches, organizations must work closely with their solution providers as well as adopt cutting-edge database technology that can help protect against data breaches. The situation is quite analogous to a safe. All safes can be broken into, but it is a matter of how long it takes to break in that deters criminals from choosing ‘A’ or ‘B’ as their target. With our hybrid database and robust set of native data security tools, Altibase’s job is to make our clients’ data too time-consuming to deal with, so that the would-be perpetrators move on to easier prey. “- CEO of Altibase

Data breaches are unfortunately an accepted reality amongst enterprises. The best strategy that any company can use is to encrypt their data enough so that if a breach occurs, the data itself is useless to the attacker.

However, as Moore’s Law continues to press on, this strategy becomes increasingly ineffective. For example, if an encryption is developed today that claims to take 100 years to crack, in 4.5 years, that same encryption will only be secure for 100 days. If OpenSSL’s Heartbleed Flaw taught us anything, it is that even encryption is not absolute, and additional layers of security must be developed to prevent attackers from accessing data itself.

Looking forward, Altibase is working closely within Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and Software Defined Networking (SDN) on a variety of use-cases. NFV and SDN appear to be on a strong trajectory for how enterprises route, store, and analyze data. These platforms, while still fairly new, open up a world of possibilities for application developers and security engineers by bringing data access and real-time traffic analysis down to the packet level in a unified software layer. This makes the decision of choosing a database on which to build your platform an absolutely crucial component of your strategy.

Altibase was founded on the principles of looking beyond the now in order to iterate and redefine the way data is managed and protected.

For more information on ALTIBASE HDB, please click here>>

Altibase’s In-Memory Hybrid Database Proven Over 750 Percent Faster Than the Leading Database Vendor in Benchmark Comparison Test

Altibase’s hybrid database combines an on-disk database with an in-memory database in a single engine. In a recent benchmark test for a Fortune Global 500 conglomerate, Altibase’s hybrid database was able to complete a test with 2 billion rows of data, totaling 8 billion rows processed (both reads and writes) in roughly 20 hours, while the competitor required 106 hours. 

altibase in memory database vs oracle 11gR2-4

The business ramifications of these results are staggering as this 86 hour savings can result in hundreds of millions of dollars for the company.

The benchmark test utilized Altibase’s hybrid database, offering flexibility by combining RAM and physical disk. The flexibility of this hybrid engine enhances speed while also delivering the storage capacity of physical disk. Altibase’s hybrid is world-renowned for its wide use-case applicability.

“I am extremely happy that Altibase has again performed well. However, far beyond performance alone, I am especially proud that Altibase’s decades of experience is helping organizations fortify their businesses with the reliability and stability of our advanced data management systems. The hybrid database is ideal for virtually all use cases that need a blend of speed and storage capacity, while our in-memory only database is breathtakingly fast for extremely high-intensity data processing use-cases that require millions of transactions per second.” – CEO of Altibase

In-memory databases are now beginning to make a tremendous impact on business.  Early adopters will cement a competitive edge that is difficult to refute. An in-memory database management system stores and manipulates data entirely in RAM.

ALTIBASE XDB (eXtreme database) is Altibase’s pure in-memory database that processes and manages data in RAM alone. By design, and with more advanced features, it performs 10-20 times faster than Altibase’s hybrid database. ALTIBASE XDB can also interoperate with ALTIBASE HDB to provide enterprises with the ability to process hot, warm and cold data easily and as needed. The combination tackles any data management needs head-on.

Altibase drives performance and revenue growth for the likes of E*TRADE, Samsung, HP, China Telecom and China Unicom and maximizes their efficacy in areas like network utilization/service reliability, integrated billing/authentication, fraud detection/prevention and infrastructure monitoring/security. ALTIBASE HDB database management is the single solution for a chronic problem.

To read the full Database Comparison Click here>>


[1] Altibase performed at an average rate of 113,416.95 TPS, while the other vendor processed an average rate of 21,962.6 TPS.  The overall average, that encompasses reads and writes, clocked Altibase at an average of 535 times faster while for updates, Altibase preformed over 750 times faster for 2 billion rows of data with 8 billion rows processed (Insert, Update, Delete, Select).


Bloomberg Tradebook and UAT incorporate Altibase’s In-Memory database for “very low latency response times, strict data integrity, high scalability and stability.”

“Bloomberg Tradebook’s Boomerang product, built on UAT’s patented decision engine,automates the selection, routing and execution of low touch orders and small blocks of shares. Boomerang now incorporates in-memory databases in the U.S. through UAT’s recent licensing of Altibase HDB.

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Altibase’s In-Memory Database – Real-Time Mobile Collaboration for Leading Universities Worldwide

Altibase, the leader of in-memory databases today announces its continued growth in the mobile communications space for many of the best universities. Altibase is actively involved with universities in the US, Europe, India, Canada, Turkey, China and Korea.

Altibase’s in-memory database is widely known as a frontrunner for online enrollment systems where mass concurrent logon attempts and changed data must be reported in real-time. Its latest milestone is with a top 5 national university in Korea, Chungnam University. Chungnam University has 74 sister-affiliations worldwide with its US presence at University of Illinois and State University of New York at Stony Brook.


Chungnam University signed its agreement to adopt Altibase’s hybrid database, ALTIBASE HDB to implement its entire mobile campus communications platform into one unified database management system. It chose Altibase’s hybrid database because of its ability to handle all real-time data processing needs in-memory while being able to store historical data on-disk. Altibase has both a RAM component and physical disk component in a single database.

Altibase‘s in-memory database will enhance every aspect of our campus processes through limitless mobile access. In addition to course enrollment, school activities and curriculum-oriented actions, our mobile administration system will scale with the growing demands of student and professor communication. I am confident that Altibase’s past record of success in education and support will help our university by implementing and executing on the world’s most advanced mobile campus.” – Mr. G.C. Lee, Director of IT Infrastructure, Chungnam University

The new mobile campus will be highly flexible. It works on any mobile device, tablet and PC’s with access to both native apps and web based applications. Altibase‘s hybrid in-memory database allows students and faculty to have immediate access to virtually all information and changed data through a simple user interface.

“Altibase is proud to again be at the forefront of in-memory database management systems that help connect students, professors, faculty and data at leading academic institutions. We are deeply passionate about helping students worldwide. Chungnam University’s dedication to cutting-edge solutions is an immeasurable testament to the betterment of education through technology. We are proud to be a core part of their leadership and vision.” – CEO of Altibase

The future is in the hands of our youth and Altibase is wholly dedicated to position all institutions with their associated IT infrastructure needs – connect, collaborate, communicate.

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Altibase Named a Major Player of In-Memory Computing in Research and Markets’ “In-Memory Computing Global Advancements, Worldwide Market Forecasts & Analysis (2013-2018)”

Altibase, the pioneer of in-memory databases, was named a major vendor in Research and Markets’ report titled “In-Memory Computing (IMC) Market [In Memory Data Management, IMDB (Pure, Hybrid, OLAP, OLTP, Relational IMDB, NoSQL IMDB), IMDG, In-Memory Application Platforms (IMAP)] – Global Advancements, Worldwide Market Forecasts & Analysis (2013-2018)”.

This report tackles many questions such as:

  • What will the market size be in 2018 and what will the growth rate be?
  • What are the key market trends?
  • What is driving this market?
  • What are the challenges to market growth?
  • Who are the key vendors in this market space?
  • What are the market opportunities and threats faced by the key vendors?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of the key vendors?

Research and Markets expects  the Global IMC (In-Memory Computing) market to grow from $2.21 billion in 2013 to $13.23 billion in 2018.

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