Altibase Revamps DBMS Industry with All-Inclusive Pricing for its Enterprise-Edition In-Memory Databases

Altibase, the world’s most trusted in-memory database, recently announced a simplified all-inclusive pricing model for its relational in-memory hybrid database.

Altibase’s enterprise pricing model simplifies esoteric database licensing practices. Database licensing can be extremely complicated and overly confusing on the enterprise level. For other vendors, the irreconcilable damage of hidden costs, unsavory business tactics and distrust from loyal customers is now front and center.

In stark contrast, Altibase is making licensing easy. Its all-inclusive pricing model for its enterprise databases includes the license with no additional charge for advanced features and functions. Other database vendors charge exorbitant fees for “add-ons.” These may include but are not limited to replication, advanced security, in-memory capabilities, high availability, geo-spatial, disaster recovery, partitioning and much more.*

Altibase’s list price is already significantly lower than its primary competitors. The all-inclusive pricing model gives enterprise clients major savings over a la carte pricing strategies, while giving them peace of mind. Altibase, as a software-only, hardware-agnostic DBMS vendor saves substantial additional expense by running on all commodity platforms.

“Altibase is taking a chapter out of commercial banking with no hidden fees or gimmicks.  Altibase already has the highest customer satisfaction and retention rate in the database industry. However, we clearly understand that if we do not continuously listen to our clients and turn their suggestions into actions, we will fall into an abyss of complacency. This will not happen – ever. Our team has put decades of work into our products for technical innovation and transformation. Our new all-inclusive pricing model is another major step forward in furthering our best-in-class customer satisfaction rate.” — CEO of Altibase

Altibase, Altibase’s marquis hybrid database, is a relational database that boasts a true hybrid architecture that fuses an in-memory and on-disk database in a single unified engine. By being able to handle the performance of in-memory with the flexibility of physical disk in one DBMS, Altibase has lowered the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for over 550 of the largest organizations across the globe. The hybrid DBMS engine gives businesses the ability to maximize the processing capabilities of their existing infrastructure using in-memory technology, while simultaneously allowing them to continue to enjoy the cheap storage capabilities of spinning disk. With in-memory database research and development beginning in 1991, Altibase boasts unmatched product maturity fortified with the experience of thousands of real-world, mission-critical applications.

*Altibase’s maintenance and technical support are not included items in the new pricing model.

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