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Altibase announces that Seoul Transportation adopts Altibase for real time subway traffic control management

Altibase announces that Seoul Transportation adopts Altibase for real time subway traffic control management

24/7 uninterrupted operation and 99.999% high availability were the key reasons in its choice of database.

Use Case: Traffic Signal Control System

Current Customers: Seoul Transportation Corporation

Industry: Public


Seoul Transportation Corporation is a public entity responsible for the city’s subway transit. The daily average number of subway transit passengers operated by the entity is 6.8 million vs. New York (5.6 million) & Paris (4.2 million). It has a total subway length of 300 km, making it the fourth longest in the world.


The corporation was in the process of overhauling its subway traffic system with a view to improving the safety and the ability to better act on emergency situations. The corporation looked for a database that could meet the following requirements:

  • Since subway traffic facilities should not tolerate any system disruption/failure, they should be supported by databases with the highest degree of product stability
  • 24/7 uninterrupted operation and 99.999% high availability
  • Even in the event of the system going down abnormally, all data should be automatically saved and protected.
  • Data should be collected and stored in real time so that prompt actions can be taken in case of system abnormalities/failures.
  • The database should provide and adhere to strict technical SLAs.
  • The database should have a track record of having been deployed for other mission critical applications.
  • The database should be relational as all of the corporation’s systems are built on relational DBMSs.
  • The database costs should be within its IT budget.


In 2018, the corporation chose Altibase after a series of BMTs of various databases.

  • Altibase’s previous deployments in other subway traffic systems was a major appeal.
  • Altibase’s in-memory capabilities allow for real time data collection and anaylsis.
  • Using Altibase’s move technology, data is stored on disk when it become stale and historical.
  • Database induced system downtime has been eliminated with Altibase’s HA and disaster recovery solutions that have features of in-memory based real time replication for synchronous/asynchronous data duplication and in-memory based real time backup and recovery.
  • Altibase’s pricing met the corporation’s budget requirement.
  • Altibase provides hybrid partitioned tables that can manage a large set of  data log while simultaneously ensuring high performance.


  • Altibase has a demonstrated history of providing glitch free operation in the past 10 years in the all subway traffic signal control systems it has served.
  • Altibase’s active-active and active-standby replication function allows for stable and interruption-free operation through data duplication in the event of any system failure/outage.
  • The corporation is now able to back up its data through Altibase’s checkpoint image file and redo log file.
  • Data loss could be prevented via Altibase’s durability assurance even with abnormal DBMS shutdown.

After nearly 20 years as a closed source database, Altibase is now open source, and that includes its state-of-the-art sharding.

Learn more about Altibase at https://youtu.be/pooexk0glK8, and download its open source database including sharding at http://altibase.com.