Is it safe to use Altibase with regard to Intellectual Property?

Yes. It is completely safe to use all Altibase products as they are 100% free of any IP infringement. You are very well protected when using Altibase.

Intellectual property is an increasingly important area of concern when making a software purchase. If you are selling/using a software solution that uses an infringing database, you may be liable for the financial consequences even if the IP infringement does not reside within your application.

Many companies try to get around this by signing contracts with database companies ensuring that they are not liable for any infringements on the part of their database vendors. But the fact remains that customers should always exercise due diligence in making sure that their products are completely free of any IP infringement. In today’s litigious society, the risks are far too high to ignore this facet of vendor selection.

Is it dangerous to purchase a database from companies that have IP infringement?

Yes. Purchasing software from a company that has stolen IP from anywhere including snippets of code will expose your company to litigation and catastrophic financial consequences.

What is Altibase’s stance on open source IP?

Altibase has made extensive efforts to ensure that our products are completely free of any IP infringement, open sources included.

Are large database vendors involved in IP infringement cases?

Yes. There are many leading database vendors that have been and are currently involved in IP infringement cases.

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