Do clients choose Altibase over Oracle, IBM, Microsoft and others?

Yes. Clients have consistently chosen Altibase over Oracle, IBM, Microsoft and others. Altibas has replaced many traditional on-disk databases in various industries that require real time solutions since 1999. Altibase now has over 600 global enterprise clients with thousands of mission critical deployments worldwide.

Why Do Clients Choose Altibase over Oracle, IBM, Microsoft and Others?

  • Oracle, IBM, Microsoft and others are expensive (license, maintenance, etc.)
  • Additional investment is required to combine dual engines (in-memory database + on-disk database) if they have high performance requirements
  • Dissatisfaction with the technical support they receive
  • Dissatisfaction with the current performance of their system

Why Altibase?

  • Track record of successful deployments with enterprise customers
  • Ability to utilize in-memory and disk-resident capabilities using a single product
  • Reliable, superior product performance and lower TCO
  • Altibase is an open source DBMS and its subscription fees are competitive in pricing
  • Over 18 years of legendary support and high customer satisfaction scores

Altibase Retention Rate:

Over 90% of Altibase’s clients have resigned maintenance/upgrade contracts in the last 18 years.