Do clients choose Altibase over Oracle, IBM, Microsoft and others?

Yes. Clients have consistently chosen Altibase over Oracle, IBM, Microsoft and others. Altibas has replaced many traditional on-disk databases in various industries that require real time solutions since 1999. Altibase now has over 650 global enterprise clients including 8 Fortune Global 500 companies with thousands of mission critical deployments worldwide.

Why Do Clients Choose Altibase over Oracle, IBM, Microsoft and Others?

  • Product maturity rich with function and feature
  • Altibase is opensource which includes its cutting-edge scale-out technology, sharding
  • No license costs with flexible and competitive subscription fees
  • 20 year’ accumulated know-how of dealing with over 6,000 mission critical use cases

Why Altibase?

  • Track record of successful deployments with enterprise customers
  • Ability to utilize in-memory and disk-resident capabilities using a single product
  • Reliable, superior product performance and lower TCO
  • Altibase is an open source DBMS and its subscription fees are competitive in pricing
  • Over 20 years of legendary support and high customer satisfaction scores

Altibase Retention Rate:

Over 90% of Altibase’s clients have resigned maintenance/upgrade contracts in the last 20 years.