Can the same performance be achieved by using cache solutions?

No. Caching is a good strategy to use when specific query results need to be returned quickly. However, using this method does not give full flexibility for increasing performance amongst all data and operations:

  • Caching data does not give quick performance for every SELECT query; only the ones that an algorithm determines. Additionally, caching is only useful for common read operations; any DML (INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE) that is executed will run at low, disk-based speeds. Altibase can store all data in-memory, so any query that is run on the data will perform at cached speeds, including DML.
  • Unlike many commercial caching solutions, Altibase does not lose data when shut down or restarted. Altibase adheres to full, real time ACID compliance that guarantees data integrity. Altibase’s persistent cache is a default setting, and can recover all data without any issues.
  • Altibase provides MOVE technology, allowing DBAs to decide which sets of data should be high-speed and which are designated for long-term storage.
  • Altibase is a single database solution that meets all needs in any use case. With persistent cache in- memory and on-disk in a single database, flexibility and data integrity are given. With Altibase, there is no need to purchase a caching solution additionally.

Altibase has competed with other cache solutions. The following case study includes related stories.

Altibase – Downloading is Believing.