Can Altibase interoperate with Oracle’s on-disk databases?

Yes. Many of our clients employ architectures utilizing Altibase for improved performance while simultaneously using Oracle as the primary data store.

  • For use cases where replacement of all Oracle databases is not feasible, this method provides the optimal balance of performance, cost savings and implementation simplicity.
  • Altibase provides OraAdapter, which is essentially a database link that allows modified data in Altibase to be sent directly into an Oracle database. Altibase and Oracle are interoperable with each other.

The following case studies include related stories.


DBMS Acceleration

Application Acceleration

  • Reduces the workload of back-end databases
  • Improves response time and throughput for SQL requests
  • READ/WRITE caching for session control
  • HA and data persistence
  • Low latency response time
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  • Hot data: frequently accessed data
  • Cold data: historical/infrequently accessed data

Altibase Can Exchange Data with Oracle without Any Restraints

  • Table-based parallel replication enables fine grained data exchange among several databases.
  • Asynchronous and synchronous modes are available.

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Altibase Adapter for Oracle

  • Altibase Adapter for Oracle is a utility that enables modified data in Altibase to be applied to Oracle’s databases.
  • It minimizes system resources by capturing log files.
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  • XLog is a transmission log to be replicated between database systems.
  • XLog sender thread creates and sends the Xlog and meta information for handshaking to the Xlog collector on the other database system.
  • The Xlog collector converts Altibase data to Oracle data via ALA (Altibase Log Analysis API)


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