How is Altibase’s Quality of Service (QoS)?

Altibase provides its clients with best-in-class QoS. Altibase has over 18 years of experiences with enterprise grade technical support and many satisfied long term reference customers.

  • People
    • Certified global experts
    • Database consultants, technical architects and industry specialists
  • Technology
    • 20+ years of technical experience in in-memory databases
    • The world’s first commercially available hybrid DBMS
    • Deep cross-vertical experience (wide use case applicability)
  • Process and knowledge
    • ISO/IEC 20000 standards compliant
    • Deep knowledge of customer solutions and products

QoS via Proactive and Predictive Support

Altibase provides proactive technical support services that identify potential risks in advance to prevent failures before they occur.


Other Vendors


Reactive support

  • Old fashioned
  • Absence of management
  • “Broken then fix it” mentality
  • High TCO
Proactive support

  • Future oriented
  • Health checks
  • Avoids failure
  • Low TCO
Predictive support

  • Future oriented
  • Risk prediction
  • Stability without failure
  • Low TCO

Low QoS

High QoS and Risk Mitigation

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