Does Altibase have its own tools for database management and monitoring?

Yes. Altibase has many tools used for SQL execution, migration, replication management, monitoring, query analysis, etc.




Interactive SQL

& OEM Tool



-Executes all the management functions in Altibase DBMSs

-Information about table schemas, users, locks, connection statuses and transactions

Migration Tool

iLoader, dataport,


Migration  Center

-iLoader saves the data in text format and loads data

-Aexport creates the script for backup, loading data and for the database schema. It can also migrate Altibase data between different platforms

-GUI tool for migration tasks

Monitoring and
Status Tool


-Regular monitoring of performance views and system resources are written to log files

-Logs created by altimon are used for basic information in system management

SQL Queries &
Query Plan Analysis Tool


-Checks SQL statements, bind values, plan information, query execution time, etc.

Management Tool for Replication

Replication manager

-GUI monitors the replication of modified data between DB nodes in real time

-Supports two different synchronization modes(Sync and Async)


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