Does Altibase provide health check services?

Yes. Altibase provides preventative health check services to ensure maximum availability and performance for your Altibase implementation.

Health Check Services




Monitoring of storage, memory, CPU and network


I/O activity, buffer area statistic, replication status, frequently used queries analysis
Trace log file analysis, plan cache statistic, session status, service-thread analysis, etc.


Database properties, tablespace utilization rate, replication status

Health Check Report

Altibase provides detailed health check reports to its customers upon request. These health checks are critical to maintaining a healthy database environment. Even in the absence of serious issues that may cause unexpected downtime, health checks are also important for the purpose of performance tuning and guaranteeing that server hardware is being utilized efficiently. In addition, Altibase support engineers that inform issues such as poorly tuned SQL queries or inefficient schema designs can make helpful recommendations to improve the overall performance of the solution.

16_Does Altibase Provide Health Check Services


During a health check service at a client system, Altibase’s support team detected a serious risk that could have caused a critical system failure due to abnormal increases in data size. Thanks to Altibase’s in-depth review of the client’s systems, the client was able to avoid potentially catastrophic database downtime that could have resulted in enormous financial losses.

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